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Hiya all! Well, just in case you want to know a bit about me so here it is.

My full name is Levina Wibowo. But you can call me Vina, Levi, Levin, Levina, Miaw Miaw, UWO (Unidentified Walking Object) I don't know why some of my friends call me with this nickname. *curious look* Am I an invisible walker or something? Err.. anyway, forget that. I was born in Bandung at Desember 3rd. I like singing. Wherever I am, I must be sing. It just like... there's something missing if I don't sing for only one day. That is why I hope that I can be a singer one day. *lol* The other hobbies are listening to the music, reading (not a school subject of course), making a poem or fictions, and at last chatting online!! And now I'm school in SMU St. Aloysius. Watta hard school...

Talk about my faves... my favourite colour is definitely GREEN!!! And for music, I like pop and alternative. But that doesn't mean that I only like that kind of music. I like to listen rock, R&B, or hip-hop altough sometimes... it depends on what song I hear. My favourite male singer is Ronan Keating. He has a good voice and I like all of his song since he's in Boyzone. And my fave female singer is Mandy Moore. She's good in acting too I think.
My fave boyband... you must be know the answer. It's Westlife! But anyway, do you believe if I never meet Westlife all my life? That's so true. I never get any change to meet them *sighs* Hopefully someday :)) And by the way, I like the other boybands too. I like Mytown songs, F4, a1, Backstreet Boys, N *Sync, BBMak, Five, etc. And then my fave girlband is M2M. Are they girlband? I don't know actually 'coz they play instruments. Their music is easy listening and I like it. And they're nice. 

There's so much faves but I think I'll just put out that here.

Sorry for the crap things I write. Maybe that's a lot but hope it's ok. Well, enjoy again to surf another page of this site :)

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