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Sneak Magazine - 2002
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Exclusive! Shane's secret home -

Sneak can exclusively reveal that Shane Filan from Westlife is building two whopping great mansions - one for himself and one for his family! He is finalising plans for his house, which he'll share with girlfriend Gillian Walsh, and the home for his parents is already under construction.

"I'm getting the family house built first and I'll live there with them for a year. " Shane said.

"Then Gillian and I will move into our dream home."

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Westlife's European tour has meant Shane can't oversee the work as much as he'd like to."Being away is frustrating." he said. "but every time I'm here, I head to the site to make sure work is going as planned. It's costing a lot of money but it's something you have to do!"


The houses are in Sligo, where Shane grew up. "It's the perfect location for me as I can go out horse riding and get away from it all, "he said.

A source close to the Filan family told Sneak, "Shane can't wait to move in. It really is going to be palatial! It's nowhere near finished, though - the builders haven't even put the roof on yet!"

Huge gates and security cameras will keep intruders out - but Shane doesn't seem worried about fans visiting him.

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"The house is 200 metres off the main Dublin road, but I don't think Shane will be bothered by fans," said our source. "People here leave the band alone."

Bandmates Kian Egan and Mark Feehily also live in Sligo, Nicky Byrne has a seven - bedroomed house near Dublin and Bryan McFadden has a penthouse flat in Dublin.

And don't worry about Shane affording two houses: he's said to be getting 40,000 a gig on the current tour. Lucky lad!