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Hola! Welcome to my site, BIZY GARINK!!!

Wonder what Bizy Garink means? Bizy garink is taken from bisi and garing words. Bisi means afraid and garing means cheesy or corny. It's like when somebody try to amuse people or there's something should be funny but in the end or in fact, it's not funny at all. Well, that's cheesy.. The reason I named this site as Bizy Garink. I don't know whether this site is cheesy enough but I hope some stories can cheer up the visitors here.

By the way, if you don't know the owner of this site, this is Nana back again after gone for 2 years. The reason is becoz I was way too busy with my university. But now I'm on vacation so I guess I should update these all. The most tiring thing I have to do is updating reading stuffs from Friendster bulletin board page. There are about more than 200 pages to be updated. I have updated some but I'll added more soon.

Well, umm... that's my introduction message for now. Sorry if there's any mistaken words. Happy reading, and bye, take care of yourself!

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