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Now it's my fave sites time! There's a lot of sites I like, from free lyrics, free e-cards, until footie site that I like to surf either everyday or not.
The site that serves the most complete lyrics ever. Not only the new songs I can find, but also the old ones. There are also song charts and their new design makes the site is more eye catchy :)
Wanna find a new friend, meet old friend, and adding a testimonial on someone? This is the right place.
MySpace ini hampir sama dengan Friendster. Aku sendiri baru join, jadi belum tau banyak tentang MySpace ini. Yang aku tau banyak sekali artis dalam negeri maupun luar negeri yang mempromosikan musiknya lewat MySpace dan jadi lebih tenar karenanya. 
This is the best search engine site I've ever visited. You can find all sites you need here. And by the way, if you are wondering your name is in a site, you can find it here. Just type your full name.
This is one of the most complete artists sites I've ever seen. All news, message board, radio online, you can get it here. And that's also an album review where you can hear songs snippet here. Cool. 
I like to send e-cards here. I like the words, backsounds, and the flash. And cool e-cards! 
I like to come here for searching poems. And if I don't search for poem, I like to submit my poems too. 
Cool site about love. With a fortune teller game too. 
Woaa..!! I liked this site. I came here in order to check if there's any stars new e-mail addresses. It served stars' e-mails, their AOL usernames, and tips for sending e-mail to them. It's really cool!! Too bad, they have closed the site now.
Cool site about football. You can read all news of football teams right here, their game reviews, etc. I like to search for Manchester United or Liverpool, my fave football teams.

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