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Hiya all!

Hehehe... a few days ago I just said that I wouldn't make Westlife new site any longer, because my Westlife Home Page site at was suddenly gone and all my files gone too, but I don't know why, I still want to make the new one and it's hard for me to take care of the mailing list only. 

It's still a little page. But you can catch pictures, articles, interviews, schedules, and of course... news & as always there.. gossip which are always updated almost daily! And I want to say that it's like a site from fans to fans, because most of all was sent by Westlife fans. Thanks a lot!!

So sit back and relax, happy reading and downloading or anything. Thanks for everyone who has sent news, pics, and all!!!
Support for Westlife always!!

September 5, 2002

7 news updated (Westlife in USA, etc), lots of pics updated (Westlife in USA), addy to download new single "Unbreakable" from Westlife (in Multimedia page), and tour schedule (also in News page).

Also read the exclusive W:W! news+ below with WOOO US version news and other exclusive news you might be found nowhere.


Here it is the cover of World Of Our Own US version.

Westlife will be on TRL at September 12th. It will be shown on MTV:UK at 5:00 pm.

The Greatest Hits album :

1.World Of Our Own
2.Bop Bop Baby
3.Queen Of My Heart
4.Uptown Girl
5.What Makes A Man
6.My Love
7.Against All Odds featuring Mariah Carey (2002 Remix)
8.Fool Again
9.Seasons In The Sun
10.I Have A Dream
11.If I Let You Go
12.A Way To Get To You (New)
13.From Now (New)
14.Everybody knows (2002 Remix)
15.I Cry
16.Rock And Roll Medley (WOOO tour 2002)
17.Flying Without Wings
18.Swear It Again
And 2 bonus tracks

The Greatest Hits album will be released at November 11, 2002.

Maybe some of you wondering why Everybody Knows was put in the list because that wasn't even a hit. Well, according to "SF" (thank you, "SF"!), the reason is because they didn't just want to put all of the songs everybody had already heard on it, and a lot 
of people haven't yet heard Everybody Knows. So they wanted to bring something new to the album! They have a few new songs on there, including the medley Rock And Roll from 'World Of Our Own-In The Round Tour' so hopefully the fans will like it.

 World Of Our Own Deluxe Edition : (I don't know where this is released)

1. Queen Of My Heart (Radio Edit)
2. Bop Bop Baby
3. I Cry
4. Why Do I Love You
5. I Wanna Grow Old With You
6. Evergreen
7. World Of Our Own
8. To Be Loved
9. Drive
10. If Your Heart's Not In It
11. When You Come Around
12. Don't Say It's Too Late
13. Don't Let Me Go
14. Walk Away
15. Love Crime
16. Imaginary Diva
17. Angel

CD2-Bonus AVCD
Multiplex Karaoke Videoclips
1. Format Data- not playable
2. My Love (karaoke videoclips)
3. Uptown Girl (karaoke videoclips)
4. What Makes A Man (karaoke videoclips)
5. I Lay My Love On You (karaoke videoclips)
6. Queen Of My Heart (karaoke videoclips)
7. World Of Our Own (karaoke videoclips)
8. Angel (karaoke videoclips)
9. Bop Bop Baby (karaoke videoclips)

Audio Tracks
10. Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Radio Edit)
11. Bad Girls
12. I Promise You That
13. My Private Movie
14. Don't Get Me Wrong 
15. Crying Girl
16. You Don't Know
17. Reason For Living

BMG Indonesia also released World Of Our Own Deluxe Edition in cassette.
The price is Rp 25.000,00. It contains of WOOO cassette and bonus cassette with these tracks:

Side A
1. Bad Girls
2. I Promise You That
3. Crying Girl
4. You Don't Know

Side B
1. Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. Reason For Living
3. My Private Movie
4. Don't Get Me Wrong

World Of Our Own Deluxe Edition : (which was released in Indonesia - CD format)

1.  Queen Of My Heart
2.  Bop Bop Baby
3.  I Cry
4.  Why Do I Love You
5.  I Wanna Grow Old With You
6.  Evergreen
7.  World Of Our Own
8.  To Be Loved
9.  Drive
10.  If Your Heart's Not In It
11.  When You Come Around
12.  Don't Say It's Too Late
13.  Don't Le Me Go
14.  Walk Away
15.  Love Crime
16.  Imaginary Diva
17.  Angel

1.  Bad Girls
2.  I Promise You That
3.  Crying Girl
4.  You Don't Know
5.  Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Radio Edit)
6.  Reason For Living
7.  My Private Movie
8.  Don't Get Me Wrong

Karaoke Tracklisting

1.  My Love
2.  Uptown Girl
3.  What Makes A Man
4.  I Lay My Love On You
5.  Queen Of My Heart
6.  World Of Our Own
7.  Angel
8.  Bop Bop Baby

1.  I Have A Dream
2.  Swear It Again
3.  If I Let You Go
4.  Flying Without Wings
5.  Fool Again
6.  No No
7.  I Don't Wanna Fight
8.  Change The World
9.  Moments
10.  Seasons In The Sun
11.  I Need You
12.  Miss You
13.  More Than Words
14.  Open Your Heart
15.  Try Again
16.  What I Want Is What I've Got
17.  We Are One
18.  Can't Lose What You Never Had

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