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An Interview With Mark

"I'd like to find a!" 
Aaaah! MARK WESTLIFE. Close up. Nothing held back. And he wants to blab to you... The lil' baby of Westlife's all grown up. And Mr touchy Feehily's never looked so good. But after another gruelling tour, what's life really been like on the road? Have him and Kian been up to their mad nights? And what does he look for in a lady? Mark exclusively tells... 

Nice to see ya M. Where are you in your loife right now, then? 
We've just finished the tour, and I'm having some downtime. It was tiring, but you get used to it. It's not too bad. 

It was a very physical show. Worrabout the gymnastics?! 
Yeah, I got a bit carried away! I kept forgetting that I shouldn't go too mad and was doing flips and turns all over the place. Every now and then I'd panic that my harness wasn't on safety! 

Yikes! You did fly over our heads at a pretty darn speedy rate! 
But we were strapped in and secured with big bolts and wires, and we had massive harnesses which looked like nappies! Can I say to everyone who saw us, we don't really have fat ****s. it was all padding, honest! 

We believe ya! What have you been doing since?
Ah, it was great during the World Cup. Of course I watched the Ireland matches...when I got up on time! 

Your kinda touring's very intense. Did it ever get too much for ya?
No! The atmosphere on tour is great. About 90 people came on the road with us this time, and we got to know them all pretty well. There's always someone to chat to! Dancers, caterers, security people, musicians, support acts, technicians...we all mix together and have laugh! 

So ya never get lonely, Mark?
Well, I miss people, of course. It's hard being without my family and friends, (blushes) but there's not one person in particular. I speak to all my close people every day though! 

Sheesh! Every day? Your phone bill must be massive!
(laughs) It's big, but we have a special deal! I don't want to be setting a bad example, but I know it's mounts up to thousands of pounds! I'm even on the phone for an hour at a time from Australia! 

Yer dead happy, but d'ya ever feel like running home and hiding under yer duvet?
God yeah, I used to want to do that a lot! But I'm just getting on with it these days. 

So it was hard then?
Everything I was doing was so strange. I was younger then, and I wasn't used to being away from my home and family. 

So how have you changed, Mark?
I'm more outgoing. I've changed my attitude. I realised that I'd have had to move away from Sligo no matter what job I did, so I may as well enjoy myself! 

All the other lads have gone back and found posh pals...
Not me! My home's still with my mam and dad, but I don't get there as much as I like to, unfortunately... 

...'Cause you're out travelling the world! Are ya partying much?
We have a good time, but I'm not partying as much as last tour. Last year we went out every single night. I'm really not exaggerating! 

We know, we saw ya! Ever done a show with the aid of, er, booze?
No. (shamefaced) Well, actually, yes. It's not professional to be drunk on stage but we've performed so many times! One time out of hundreds isn't so bad! 

So what was your favourite night out on the In The Round tour?
I enjoyed loads, but my birthday was best. It was a great laugh. My parents came over and surprised me. It was lovely to have them there but it did mean that I had to behave myself! 

What did ya get up to?
It was low key - just a small crowd of people - family and a couple of mates. It was last minute, but the record company organised it as surprise. It ended up as the perfect night - quiet, with everyone just sitting, having a chat. We were in a restaurant-bar and they stayed open a bit longer than they should've for us. Don't tell the cops! 

And were there any young laydeez there to chat ya up?
I never, ever know when 'm getting chatted up! I'm the kind of person who never notices that sort of thing. It goes past me completely! 

Tsk! So how can a girl get your attention?
Well, they aren't always forward. The most obvious stuff is the things written on banners at our shows. If she said something like that I'd notice her - but not in a good way! I'd think she was a con artist, I wouldn't be impressed! 

So you have to do the chatting up?
I talk to people. Chat up lines are alright. They're an easy way to tell someone that you're interested, but nobody takes them too seriously - I hope! They can be a good way to break the ice, and have a laugh. 

You're a birrove joker. What's been your top trick recently?
(laughs) Kian won't like me if I tell ya! 

Oh, go on!
Simon Cowell came to see us on tour in his big fat Ferrari. Kian really wanted to test drive it, but he was so scared 'cause he didn't want to wreck it. He went a few metres in a private car park but he was terrified that he'd get into trouble. Our tour manager Anto got two cops to come over and pretend to arrest him! They kept the joke up for like, 15 minutes. We were all watching and Blue were there too! Everyone thought it was for real! 

Great! And we bet there's plenty of hi-jinx in hotel land...
I trash my hotel room - well my suitcase tends to kinda explore all over the place! Apart from that, nope. I'm either completely organised or totally messy - nothing in between. At the moment my room's a riot! 

You don't get jaded by the whole shebang?
Some parties can be are bit dry. You go out ready for a good time, then there's no substance to the bash. Just loadsa people who don't know each other, standing around! 

Probably waiting for you to buy 'em a drink! What's been your biggest bar bill? 
No, the question is, 'What's the record company's biggest bar bill?!' They very kindly paid for my birthday - and for the other lads' do's as well! It was two or three grand for the party. It was just a small crowd, so it wasn't too bad! 

Love me for five reasons! 
1 Hello? Do we need to explain? Have you seen him lately? GORGEOUS! 
2 AND SINGLE! And looking! "I'm bored of being single," he says. "I'd like to find someone now, to be honest!" Urk, could it be you?
3 AND NORMAL! This boy's not showbiz! "You know, I'll never get used to girls throwing themselves at me!" he wails! Best you let chat him up then, well after some serious flirting of course! 
4 Normal, BUT SENSITIVE! "I try to make everyone happy. I would hate to think that by not taking an extra minute to say hello to a girl I'd upset her without knowing!" 
5 Sensitive, NOT SILLY! Mark knows what he wants! "If I liked someone and she liked me back, age wouldn't make a difference." Hurray!

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