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Kitten Heals

Abandoned, threatened, cheated on. brave Kerry Katona has learnt to get
on by a smile.

By Gary Quinn

These are the never before seen pictures that provide an insight into
the troubled childhood of ex-Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona.

With her cheeky grin she poses for happy family snaps. But behind her
gleaming smile lies a heartache that led Kerry to crave fame.

Abandoned by her mum at the age of five and with no idea who her real
dad was, she was looked after by her mum's ex husband Arnold.

Arnold, 72 and his family treated her like one of their own and have
fond memories of the little Kerry.

"She always wanted to be famous" says stepsister Pat,44, speaking for
the first time about her relationship with Kerry.

"From the moment she could walk she wanted to entertain people. She
wanted to be loved. Christmas and birthdays would never be dull thanks
to Kerry" She's jump about the living room with a pretend microphone
belting out all the latest hits".

"One day Kerry said, I'm going to be famous. She wasn't short of
confidence and I knew her dream would come true."

But Kerry, 21 who presented the ITV dating game elimidate,beat
incredible odds to rise to the top. Three years after leaving, her
schizophrenic mum returned, dragging Kerry away and leading her on a
tragic trail of failed relationships and broken homes.

Kerry kept in touch with Pat writing heartbraking letters. "She was so
sad " says Pat.

"Then her mum moved in with a violent boyfriend. The final straw came
when he made threats to kill Kerry and her mum.

"I rang the police and they got social services involved. Kerry was
taken into care.Despite all the trauma Kerry was as bubbly as ever.
She'd grown up, but was still the same girl with the big personality".

This ability to hide her tumoil was vital after revelations that her
hubby, Westlife hunk Bryan Mcfadden, had sex with a lapdancer on his
stag night. Brave Kerry fought for their marriage and now the couple are
expecting their second baby.

"Kerry knows the pain of a broken home" says Pat."She missed out on the
love of her real dad and she'll be determined not to deny that to their
baby, Molly".

"Only time will heal her hurt."

As Pat looks at the snaps of young Kerry , she beams proudly.

"Kerry is proof you don't have to be born with a silver spoon in your
mouth to be a success. With supreme self-confidence and a winning smile,
she's made it. And I never doubted her for a second".

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