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Please don't go to conclusion before you've answer all
questions. This test need your emaginations, read
Have fun......

1. You're walking down a path. What do you see all
around you?

A. A deep, dark forest. The trees are so thick that
only a bit of sky shows through.
B. A cornfield. It stretches as far as you can see,
under a bright-blue sky.
C. Green rolling hills, dotted with trees. Beyond them
you can almost see mountains.

2. You spot an object by your feet. What is it?
A. A mirror
B. A ring
C. A bottle.

3. Do you pick it up?
A. Yes.
B. No.

4. Continuing along the path, you come across some
water. What form is the water in?
A. A cool, clear, serene lake.
B. A crashing waterfall.
C. A babbling brook.

5. You see a key in the water and reach down to pick
it up. What does it look like?
A. A simple house key.
B. A fancy antique key.
C. A small padlock key.

6. As you walk farther along the path, you come to a
house. What kind of house is it?
A. Hollywood-style mansion.
B. A cottage with a well-tended lawn.
C. A beautiful castle in ruins.

7. What do you do?
A. Look in the window.
B. Go inside.
C. Walk on.

8. Suddenly, something jumps out and scares at you.
What is it?
A. A bear
B. A wizard.
C. A troll.

9. You run down the path until you reach a wall with a
door in it. You peek through the keyhole. What's on
the other side?
A. The lush gardens of an awesome house.
B. A pond in the middle of the desert.
C. A sandy beach with crashing waves.

Question 1 shows your attitude toward life
A. If you chose the forest, you're deep, quiet. People
find you incredibly interesting because you don't how
show your true self right away. Pals love you because
you're a good listener.
B. If you chose the cornfield, you're bright, honest
and likable. You make friends easily and rarely get
bummed. You've got a rep for being entertaining and
fun, and you're always the center of attention.
C. If you chose the rolling hills, you're practical
and down-to-earth, and you attract people with your
straight forward nature. A great problem solver, you
always listen to both points of view before taking a

Question 2 reveals what kind of boyfriend/girlfriend
you're looking for

A. If you chose the mirror, you're searching for a
guy/gal who shares your outlook on life. You've got a
pretty good idea of what your ideal
boyfriend/girlfriend is like, but you keep an open
mind - the perfect guy may be someone you normally
wouldn't look at twice!
B. If you chose the ring, you are a true romantic. When
in a relationship, you work hard at keeping things
mushy. You believe true love is forever, and although
you might not admit it, you want your guy/gal care
about you.
C. If you chose the bottle, you want someone who's not
afraid to show his intelligence. Ambitious,
hard-working guys/gals turn you on drop-dead gorgeous
just isn't enough for you.

Question 3 tells how commitment-ready you are
A. If you said yes, you're dying to pick the right
B. If you said no, you're into playing the field for

Question 4 symbolizes your passion potential
A. If you chose the lake, you're not interested in
having a superficial relationship. Once you meet
someone you're really into, your love runs deep.
B. If you chose the waterfall, opposite sex think
you're ultrasexy. You're good at turning on the charm,
and loads of guys/gals lust after you.
C. If you chose the brook, you're always crushing on
someone new. You're an expert flirt, and you're
frequently on the move from one guy to the next.

Question 5 expresses your views on school
A. If you saw the housekey, education is less
important to you than the world beyond. Secretly, you
may be dying to start a career and a home of your own.
B. If you saw the antique key, you consider education
to be crucial. You want to work hard and want to absorb
as much knowledge as you possibly can.
C. If you saw the padlock key, you may not be too into
school, but you still have plenty of great ideas. You
follow your intuition, so you may eventually end up in
an offbeat career.

Question 6 gives clues about your ambitions
A. If you chose the mansion, you've got tons of goals.
You strive to be the best at whatever you do, and
you're attracted to jobs that let you express your
energetic personality. Being successful makes you
B. If you chose the cottage, you have a realistic
attitude toward a future profession. Because your feet
are planted firmly on the ground, you'll probably rock
at whatever career you pick.
C. If you chose the castle, your career dreams could
be a little unrealistic. Becoming a mega-star would be
fab, but aim for something closer to home first.
Otherwise, you may wind up being a little

Question 7 shows your attitude towards success
A. If you looked through the window, you're a little
afraid of failing. Taking that first step toward
reaching a goal is the most intimidating to you, so
don't give up before you've actually tried.
B. If you went inside, you feel confident about
success. Nothing's going to stand in your way!
C. If you kept walking, success isn't a big deal for
you. You're content with simple things and you'd
rather be around people you love than spend your life
trying to get to the top.

Question 8 reveals your worst fears
A. If you chose the bear, you worry about being able
to stand on your own two feet. Independence is totally
B. If you chose the wizard, you're scared about things
that are often beyond your control. So, to make up for
it, you sometimes go on a heavy-duty power amperage.
C. If you chose the troll, you tend to obsess over how
others see you. It's crucial that people like you -
you're desperate to fit into the in crowd. You need to
learn to trust your own judgment.

Question 9 represents your innermost self
A. If you chose the gardens, you're mature and honest.
You believe in speaking your mind, and people rely on
you to provide a sensible viewpoint. However, you may
come across problems in the future that you'll have to
solve with your heart, not your head.
B. If you chose the desert pond, you have a deep need
for your own space. You're always analyzing your
thoughts, and you've been known to do a disappearing
act when things get tough. Sharing your feelings with
someone you trust can help you feel better.
C. If you chose the beach, you are passionate about
life and have strong opinions that you aren't afraid
to reveal. But you're unpredictable, and you change
those opinions often. Sometimes, like the ocean,
you'll show your calmer side-but usually not for long!

Copyright 2001-2002, Bizy Garink. All rights reserved.