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Right here you can read some articles or stories. There are some serious one, cheesy, anecdote, funny, or maybe can make you get a bad mood. Most of all were sent from forwarding e-mails. Thanks for Leo, Val2, Eva, Janni, and everyone who have sent the articles.

A Friend: (Eva)
How To Dump A Man (Eva)
How To Say I Love You In 100 Languages (Val2)
Methods Of Love (Val2)
To My Friends Who Are.. (Leo)
Psycholo Test (Val2)
Sesame Street Character Test (Val2)
The Hate Letter (Girl Rules)
My Friend..Hehe (Opel)
Men - The Root Of All Evil (Eva)

Breakfast At McDonalds (Janni)
Absurd Sinage (Janni)
Quotes From Little Children (Janni)
Marketing 101 (Janni)
Recipe For Making Love (Eva)
The Birds & The Bees (Eva)
What Am I? (Eva)
Chocolate Mathematics (Lina)
Women & Men (Eva)
Auditors (Eva)

Forgiveness (Paulus)
Interesting Facts (Eva)
If I Knew (Eva)
A Thought About Our Mom (Leo)
What Does Your Initial Stand For? (Marianne)
Hello, What Is Family? (Opel)
Kissing (Jagoan Neon)
Why Do Women Cry? (Eva)
Roll The Dice!! (Lisa)
Who's On The Phone? (Eva)

Real Signs - Real Meaning (Eva)
Mommy, What's The Definition Of... (Eva)
Dear Employees (Lina)
7 Don'ts After Meal (
The 7 Ups! (
7 Interesting Questions With 7 Interesting Answers (
"I asked God..." (Eva)
They Say... (Janni)
The Story Of Bee Hoon (Janni)
To A Beautiful Person (Janni)

Nice One... (Janni)
25 Romantic Cities and Countries (Eva)
Brainteaser (Eva)
I Love You Translations In Many Ways (Eva)
Husband Shopping Centre (Janni)
Magic Beer (Abby)
Personality Tree (Eva)
Tech Support (Janni)
2 Camels (Janni)
You're A Good Apple (Eva)

Your Birthday Month (Eva)
64=65? (Eva)
Sing A Song
Is The Restaurant Open Still? (Jokeman)
Answering Machine (Sweetwishes)
60 Things That Are Happening Right Now While You Are Reading This... (Sweetwishes)
A Hug Today (Sweetwishes)
Beauty Tips (Sweetwishes)
Life (Sweetwishes)
Nail In The Fence (Eva)

Ever Wonder (Janni)
Simple Reminders (Janni)

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