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TOTP Shane & Kian Double Trouble (Interesting)

Theyíve been interviewed a hundred times, but do you ever have a feeling thereís more to the ĎLife lads than meets the eye? Are the really best mates or is it all just one big pop charade? Well, who better to let us in on their saucy secrets than Shane & Kian. 

The idea was so simple : we cajole two of popís hottest and busiest bods into interviewing each other. But exactly how simple is simple? Er, to be precise, as simple as 400 phone calls, one cancelled trip and two delayed flights, two train trips, hours of loitering outside dressing rooms and hotel suites - and of course, our fingernails bitten right down to the quick! So finally, itís time for the lads to speak for themselves! 

Shane : (to Kian) I've always wondered what your first impression of me was.

Kian : I canít think where we first met! I remember thinking you were a cool guy who was interested in the same things as me. What about you? 

Shane : The first time we really met was in the theatre-company thing. Remember? I knew you were good, but I didnít know much else about you. I thought you were cool though. 

Kian : (joking) Aah thanks. Well I am cool! Alright so what do I do that drives you crazy? 

Shane : You lose your temper sometimes and when you do, you lose it badly, donít you? 

Kian : Iím a lot better than I use to be!

Shane : You are, but when we are all stressed out, I think that you stress out more than everyone else. (smiles wickedly) Now this is really hard to answer but do I do anything that annoys you?

Kian : Itís so hard to get your attention sometimes - like when youíre watching TV - I have to call you ten times before you actually listen to what Iím saying. It drives me mad - aaargh!

Shane : Hmm, I canít really argue with that. But hereís a toughie for you: have you ever fancied any of my girlfriends? I hope not - not my girlfriend now anyway, ha-ha!

Kian : Did you ever go out with that girl who used to work at Peter Marks? 

Shane : No, she used to go out with Connor. I never went out with her. Did you like her? 

Kian : Yeah. Youíve fancied all my girlfriends though, havenít you. Thatís a fact, ha-ha! 

Shane : Nooo! Iíd tell you if I did. You would too wouldnít you? 

Kian : Yeah, but only for a joke. We are mates after all. 

Kian : Being a mate, youíd never borrow any of my stuff without asking, would you? 

Shane: Maybe a shirt or some clothes. If I needed some thing to wear Iíd probably nick it out of your suitcase! 

Kian : Really? Oh I donít mind. We do lend each other everything, donít we? I borrowed your credit card a few times though, ha-ha! 

Shane : (joking) Oh cool! I did wonder why the bill was so big last month! 

Shane : right, this one will shut you up! Tell me about the oldest girl youíve snogged. 

Kian : She was 26 and I was 19. I was in the band at the time. Iím not saying who it was though. What about you? 

Shane : The most would be about two or three years older than me. Iíve never snogged anyone who was like ten years older than me! 

Kian : (seriously) When did you last ***** about some one? 

Shane : Oh god, come on! We ***** about some one every day! 

Kian : But weíre not big *****es. 

Shane : No but you know thereís always something that annoys us - something that was supposed to be done that hasnít been. Neither of us likes stuff not being done.

Kian : Yeah but we donít ***** about each other. 

Shane : Nah we donít. OK listen to this - are you jealous that I get all the female attention? Iím just trying to start a fight arenít I? 

Kian : (Sarcastically) Oh yeah, Iím sooo jealous! 

Shane : You donít get any sleep at night! 

Kian : I am losing sleep, I donít get any female attention. Itís been affecting me for years, ha-ha. 

Shane : (seriously) Ahem, Iíd just like to point out that I donít get all the female attention! 

Shane : Anyway lets change the subject - whatís the worse outfit Iíve ever worn? Oh the shoes, remember the shoes in America? Remember the police were after me?

Kian : The fashion police have been after you a few times now! 

Shane : (protesting) But not in a long time. 

Kian : Yeah not for ages but they have a been a lot. I canít think of one incident in particular . . . . No, Iíve got it - Tenerife! (between fits of laughter) You came down to the pool in bum bag, white socks, black flip flops, shorts, vest, shirt, cap and shades. Ha-ha! We were all like ĎWhat are you doing?í

Shane : (Hurt) That was about four years ago and it was my first time in a hot country! 

Kian : You looked like the tourist from hell! All you needed was the snappy camera! 

Shane : I have to admit that was terrible - but let me think what your worst outfit was!

Kian : I donít have a bad outfit! Well I do have some extreme jackets. Ooh remember that blue jacket with the red lightening stripes on the arms? 

Shane : I thought that was quite cool actually. Kian : Really are you lying? Talking of which, be honest, what have you ever lied to me about? 

Shane : Nothing purposefully. I might want to keep certain things in my private life quiet sometimes but thatís not lying is it? (mucking about) But what if I looked fat in an outfit, would you tell me? 

Kian : Yeah! But then we all would, wouldnít we? Itís quite cruel but itís part of what we do. None of us wants to be photographed in something that looks bad, so itís a way of helping each other out. I think thatís actually a nice thing to do. 

Shane : (laughing) well, seeing as Iím so nice to you, am I your best mate? 

Kian : Yes! Together : Weíre best mates! 

Kian : Messing about aside, I think we get on very well and when we do go home, we go out together and everything, donít we? 

Shane : Compared to the rest of the band, we probably get on an awful lot better as we do hang out when weíre not working. 

Kian : And we have the same mates, so there are a lot of connections there. Weíre really good mates. 

Shane : (putting on a girlie voice) OK one more, what would you say is my best feature?

Kian : (putting on a girlies voice too) Oh, your charm, Shane, ha-ha! 

Shane : Thanks Kian. Iíd say yours is your lovely blonde hair! 

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