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Westlife Embarrasment

M A R K : I'm really bad when it comes to chatting up girls but once on hol in Spain I plucked up courage to go over to this really hot lady who was sitting by the pool! I dived in the water to swim over to her but banged my chin off the bottom of the pool and as I came up 4 air I was BLEEDING ALL OVER the place! Poor Marky!!! 

K I A N : WHEN I was younger some mates I'd met on hol decided to burry me in sand so I fot it be a laugh and did it! But they ran away and left me and I was stuck 4 half an hour.

S H A N E: I've had quite a few cringy moments but once I went on hol to Spain with the rest of the band when we were just starting out. On the 1st day I kept my sun glasses on and burnt my face so I had two white eye patches i looked like a panda!

N I C K Y : I was playing beach footie with some mates I met on hol when I noticed something around my ankles! To busy concentrating on winning I looked down to see my shortsdown exposing everything! Oh the shame!!!

B R Y A N : Oh its not something I like to talk about but when I'm run down or tired I get dark skin on my head and a couple of years ago I was on hol when a fan came up saw my head and said oh Bryan ur all dandruffy!

Typed and sent by Kissmekian

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