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Westlife Girlfriends

Bryan and Kerry

How They Met

Bryan McFadden and Kerry Katona first met in August 1999 when Westlife and Atomic Kitten were on a road show together. Two weeks later, the couple had their first kiss, but it wasn't until November 1999 that they started to date.

Their First Public Appearance

Urged by their bands (and managers) to keep their love under wraps, the romance was kept a secret until the summer months of 2000. Then the besotted couple were spotted larking around together on a beach in the Gran Canaria.

Their Relationship

Bryan proposed to Kerry in December 1999 at the lonely Doe Castle, Donegal, the same spot at which his Granddad had proposed to his wife. The romantic Irishman got down on his knee again in September 2000 to reassure Kerry that his first proposal was serious. Kerry then wore two engagement rings!

Their Daughter

Bryan and Kerry's first child, Molly, was born on August 31st 2001.

Their Marriage

The couple got married on January 5th 2002 in Ireland.

Nicky and Georgina...

How They Met

Nicky Byrne and Georgina Ahern met when they were 12 years old and Nicky told his Mum he'd met the girl he was going to marry. Nicky plucked up the courage to ask her out and took her to a friend's party.

Their First Public Appearance

Georgina was Nicky's date for his 21st birthday party and had her first taste of the paparazzi.

Their Relationship

The couple have been together for over six years. Georgina's says, "Nicky is totally, completely my life." They live together in Dublin.

Their Future

Of marriage, Nicky says, "We're happy enough as we are and I don't think there's any need for us to get married at the moment." Westlife's gruelling schedule must have tested the couple but so far they're standing firm.

Shane & Gillian

How They Met

This is Gillian Walsh. She is Kian's cousin and has been going out with Shane for over a year now. Shane got to know Gillian through musicals and plays they were in at school. Then in 2000, they met up again in a nightclub in Sligo and decided to go out with each other!

Their First Public Appearance

Gillian accompanied Shane to the World Of Our Own album launch press conference, but she hid in the audience and Shane wouldn't reveal who she was to the press. Gillian is keen to keep her private life private.

Their Relationship

Shane says he is in love with her without a shadow of a doubt. He is always sending her flowers.

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