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Westlife Places

Westlife Dublin.
*Nicky is living in the area Baldoyle.
*Home Farm Football club. Nicky used to play Football here.
*Lillie's Bordello it’s just off Grafton street. Its a really nice night club and dead easy to get in.
*The kitchen club at the Clarence hotel (U2) 
*The Olympia Theatre where Bryan did his professional stage debut in the production of the wizard of Oz.
*Billie Barry’s stage school Bryan learned jazz and tap dancing here.
*The Gaiety theatre where the annual Billie Barry cabaret shows are.
*The Red Box is owned by the same people as the POD. Here Kian and Shane went to their first big celeb thing, Ronans 21st birthday.
*Airport lovely place to come back to. It has a sign on which is staying welcome in the land of Westlife.
*Croke Park the national stadion Nicky loves to see a game here.
*Connolly station here stops the train coming from Sligo.
*The point they did the first big show here and did eleven nights of the coast to coast tour here.
*Windmill lane studios here they recorded one of the first songs called westside but it didn’t went on the album because they changed there name. The third album is most recorded here. (and U2’s joshua tree too)

Westlife Sligo.
*Carlton Cafe, castle street it is from Shane’s parents.
*Record room. Grattan street. Here did the boys record there first single. There are a lot of pictures of them there. (Castle street is going into Grattan street)
*Summerhill College, the boys went to school here.
*Equinox, the disco where the boys come (often)
*Sligo southern Hotel here was the first show with IOU. It is big yellow building next to the busstation.
*Hawkswell theatre. Here was the second IOU concert. 
*Roses point, a beach were Westlife photos were taken.
*Burger king, O’Conellstreet Mark used to work here.
*AJ’s menswear, Shane en Kian used to work here.
*Sligo nightclub, it is club from Shane’s sister Mairead.
*Bell fry, Shane’s fave pub.
*Hazlewood Forrest, marks fave Forrest. When you go there from Sligo you come across the hospital where the boys were born.
*Garvoge, they used to fish there.
*Sligo’s cinema. They used to hang out here every weekend.
*MJ Carrs where Kians 18th birthday party took place.
*Toffs a pub were the boys come
*The four Lanterns, they eat there after going out.
*The happy eater or they eat here after going out.
*Abrakababra the boys eat here sometimes too. Before this restaurant Kian was beaten up.
*Marvell a place where the boys used to play basketball.
*Sligo Townhall, they got here the key of the city.
*Yeats, poet. Kian won five times the contest of Yeats!

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