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Part of Last Westlife Home Page

Hiya all!

Hehehe... a few days ago I just said that I wouldn't make Westlife new site any longer, because my Westlife Home Page site at was suddenly gone and all my files gone too, but I don't know why, I still want to make the new one and it's hard for me to take care of the mailing list only. 

It's still a little page. But you can catch pictures, articles, interviews, schedules, and of course... news & as always there.. gossip which are always updated almost daily! And I want to say that it's like a site from fans to fans, because most of all was sent by Westlife fans. Thanks a lot!!

So sit back and relax, happy reading and downloading or anything. Thanks for everyone who has sent news, pics, and all!!!
Support for Westlife always!!

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October 16, 2002

News updated, and Bryan pics with his new hair look updated too.

Last updated : News updated (Bryan's accident, Mark's girlfriend, Greatest Hits DVD info, and Unbreakable info again) and one USA interview, new pics of the lads and Jessica, plus the Greatest Hits cover for UK and Ireland on W:W! exclusive below.

- CD-WOW website now got the Greatest Hits album available to pre-order:

- Westlife didn't get nominated for The MTV European Music Awards 
But you can sign the petition by clicking here Petition.


The Greatest Hits album (BMG Australia) :

1. Swear It Again (Radio Edit) 
2. If I Let You Go (Radio Edit) 
3. Flying Without Wings 
4. I Have A Dream (Remix) 
5. Fool Again (2000 Remix) 
6. Against All Odds (with Mariah Carey) 
7. My Love (Radio Edit) 
8. I Lay My Love On You 
9. Uptown Girl (Radio Edit) 
10. Queen Of My Heart (Radio Edit) 
11. World Of Our Own (US Mix) 
12. Bop Bop Baby 
13. When You're Looking Like That (Single Re-Mix) 
14. Unbreakable (Single Remix) 
15. Written In The Stars 
16. How Does It Feel 
17. Tonight 
18. Love Takes Two 
19. Miss You Nights

I actually don't know about which tracklisting will be used. Beside or below. But anyway, I still put both here.

The Greatest Hits album (UK & Ireland version) :

1.Swear It Again
2.If I Let You Go
3.Flying Without Wings
4.I Have A Dream
5.Fool Again
6.Against All Odds
7.My Love
8.What Makes A Man
9.Uptown Girl
10.Queen Of My Heart

11.World Of Our Own
12.Bop Bop Baby
13.When You're Looking Like That
15.Written In The Stars
16.How Does It Feel
18.Love Takes Two
19.Miss You Nights

Unbreakable single :

CD 1

1. Unbreakable
2. Never Knew I Was Losing You
3. CD-Rom: World Of Our Own US Video + Making of Unbreakable Clip
4. CD-Rom: UK & Ireland Fans Roll Of Honour

CD 2

1. Unbreakable
2. Evergreen
3. World Of Our Own (US Remix)
4. CD-Rom: UK & Ireland Fans Roll Of Honour

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