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These are news of Westlife :

UPDATED : July 22, 2002

American Release Of World Of Our Own On August 6th

Yami & Kelly

This great Westlife news is for all the deprived US and Canadian
Westlife fans, about the American release of World Of Our Own. World Of Our Own is listed as a Hot Picks single at  the record and radio industry's leading group of music industry's executives and DJs who share new music news and  new music and comments about music that is being released and considered for radio station airplay. It shares that the release date to radio for WOOO will be Tuesday August 6th, 2002 and you can view the write up she included from this site below.

You can also go to this website and register and check it out if you would like. If you choose to do so after registering click on Top 40 Mainstream in the nav bar on the left, then click on hotpicks
at the top. You will see World Of Our Own/Westlife (RCA) listed with a little write up and a picture of the single. Click on the picture of the single to listen to the radio version that is being released.
It sounds similar, but the music has been remixed.

Here's what they say on the site:

WESTLIFE/World Of Our Own (RCA)
In a three-year span, they've had 742 #1 hits in the UK ... well ok,
ten ... but it seems like every time you look at the chart, there
they are. This peaked there a few months back and now it's time to
see if they can pick up where "Swear It Again" left off. Impact 8/6.

BTW, impact date is when the song is actually supposed to be sent to
radio stations for airplay, so the ones doing it now are early!

With this said, THE TIME IS NOW TO REQUEST!!!!!!!  Please join in on
the Westlife Street Team USA & Canada's WOOO radio campaign and
dedicate yourselves to requesting World Of Our Own everywhere for the
next 2 weeks.  We want our Top 40 stations to pick this song up for
regular rotation, and if we are requesting it now, we can help this
happen if stations see a strong demand for the single already. You
can join in on the campaign mailing list at the street team's
official site:

and if you are interested you can join the Street Team Yahoo Group at

(Note : Message edited by webmaster of this site)

Kian Arrested?!


Don't know if anyone posted this. It was in yesterday's newspaper: 
Westlife's Kian was arrested for driving Simon Cowell's prized Ferrari. The band's Mark Feehily revealed the incident - which was done as a joke. He said: "Our tour manager got two cops to come over and pretend to arrest him."

Did You Hear About Nix?


She heard on the radio, that Nicky had to come off a plane because loadsa fire alarms were going off and they had to land! They don't no whether someone had tried to do something to him or if it was just a coinsidence!

Kitten Kerry Has Her Chips 

Former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona McFadden has gone back to her roots in a bid to find Britain's best fish 'n' chip shop.

The pop star turned TV presenter has launched the 2002 Fish and Chip Shop of the Year competition by turning up at a London chip shop to try her hand frying fish.

She's not too bad at it either - since before she became a tabloid favourite as part of girl band Atomic Kitten and wife to the Irish Westlife singer Bryan McFadden, Kerry donned an apron and hat to serve the people of Warrington.

Now the former chippie is forging a career in TV with dating show Elimidate but she's obviously not ashamed of her humble beginnings.

Katona has even said she'd like to work in a chip shop again.

Talking about the land she bought in Ireland with husband McFadden, she recently quipped: "We might even build a fish 'n' chip shop called McFadden's!"


UPDATED : July 19, 2002

Greatest Hits Album List

From Westlife Official Message Board & 

Source said that it will be released around October 26 or 28. 

1.World Of Our Own
2.Bop Bop Baby
3.Queen Of My Heart
4.Uptown Girl
5.What Makes A Man
6.My Love
7.Against All Odds featuring Mariah Carey (2002 Remix)
8.Fool Again
9.Seasons In The Sun
10.I Have A Dream
11.If I Let You Go
12.A Way To Get To You (New)
13.From Now (New)
14.Everybody knows (2002 Remix)
15.I Cry
16.Rock And Roll Medley (WOOO tour 2002)
17.Flying Without Wings
18.Swear It Again
And 2 bonus tracks

Westlife Change Their Spots? 

Are Westlife teaming up with 80's rock band Def Leppard?

According to the 'Daily Star' newspaper, Bryan was in deep conversation with Joe Elliot (Def Leppard singer) at the 'Feel The Noise' concert, which happened in Sheffield over the weekend.

We don't know if they'll all record together, but Westlife seem to have made some great new friends!

Westlife Party In The Park Winner 

Well done to Katerina Birakos who was pulled out from the crowd at Party in the Park to meet Westlife. Katerina was lucky enough to get shown around backstage and have a photo taken with the band before they went on stage. Jealous?....just a tad!

(Note : You can see their pic at

Westlife's US Visit

WestlifeLV - a fan of Westlife from US

Westlife are coming to the US in August...Their single in the US will be World Of Our Own. The next single after that will be Against All Odds then Bad Girls. As for this US trip RCA president has promised to help make Westlife the next big thing, unlike Arista's president Clive Davis who promised Westlife everything and just left the company at the time they were here in 2000. RCA's president just got promoted and won't leave the company anytime soon. WestlifeLV did read in a magazine that he is actually a fan of the Irish group. RCA has them on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman and Entertainment Tonight. Also Westlife will have some songs featured on UPN's and WB's fall line-up shows!!!! WestlifeLV just gotta say that Westlife is very big in the US just not in the publics eye (like on tv, radio, magazines) Westlife has a lot of fans in the US. WestlifeLV do remember that Westlife said in a interview they get the most fanmail from US fans!!!! 2002 is the year for Westlife in the US. They'll make it this time.....and we all should thank RCA for it!!!!!!

(Note : Message edited by webmaster of this site)

Molly Birthday Project (If You Want To Join)


Hi ya Everyone Me and Gemma have came up with an idea for all of us
to celebrate Molly McFaddens 1st birthday, I have always thought that
the 1st Birthday is very special and we wanted to help make it that
little bit more special. What we have planned is a Birthday project.

What you do, if you want to join in is write little happy birthday
messages to Molly, send them to either me or Gemma and we will
collect them all up and Gemma will put them all 2gether and hopefully
give them to either Kerry or Bryan. Obviously u cant say Happy
Birthday in many words but we wanted to try and make it special. And
obviously we know Molly cant read any of them at the moment but when
she is older she can read all these lovely messages from ppl wishing
her Happy Birthday. Obviously we would totally understand if you
don't want to join in that's up to you. I am just the advertiser lol,
Gemma is going to deliver it. 

Now we know we are advertising this
real early but we need to Gemma is leaving for Ireland on the 3rd of
July I think so we are having to close it on July 31st which doesn't
give us much time so please if you want to join in, send your happy b-
day messages to either: Or

We hope u will all join in and wish baby Molly a very happy 1st B-day =0)
This project is brought to you by:


UPDATED : July 14, 2002

Westlife Newsletter



First of all thanks to all of you who came down to Party in The Park at
the weekend. We had a wicked time and it was great to see so many people
down there. We had a laugh performing with Lulu and also performing on our
own separate stage. If you weren't able to make it we hope you managed to
catch it on TV. The parties in London afterwards were fun. Bryan's been
having his picture taken a lot but remember not to believe everything you
read in the papers!

We're currently busy as ususal working on some new tracks for our Greatest
Hits album that will come out at the end of this year. We haven't decided
on all the tracks that are going to be on it yet but as well as some of
the Westlife classics it will feature quite a few new tracks. We're working
in the studio on the new tracks at the moment and they are coming together
quite nicely at the moment. Hopefully you'll be able to hear them very soon.

Watch out for us at the weekend, we'll be performing at two EMAP roadshows.
In Sheffield on 13th july and Leeds on 14th july. Hopefully some of you
will make it down there.

On the site this week we've been adding all the lastest news and gossip
from camp Westlife and there's been a fair amount of it this week to say
the least. If you haven't checked out the Platinum site recently you should
know you can now join up for only £1.99. There's some really cool videos
on there from the tour, one of which features Kian giving us a tour of the
huge backstage area at Earl's Court where he shows us just what its like
to go backstage.

Finally the really cool Westlife Fan-o-mania game is now in the stores so
for those of you who have it already let us know what you think on the message
boards. Have you managed to win yet?

Thanks for all your support on the roadshows and we'll see you soon.

Love Westlife 

Westlife - In The Round DVD

Marjolein, Annemieke & Sabine V.

According to what Sabine said, Westlife - In The Round tour will indeed be released on DVD. When exactly they don't know yet, but keep coming back to for the latest news!


UPDATED : July 12, 2002

Westlife Watch: Westlife Get Biggest Cheers At Party In The Park 

Westlife fans made it clear who they were there to see at last weekend’s Party in the Park in London.
The loudest screams were reserved for the Sligo lads who were given the biggest welcome despite being the last act on in what was a wash out day.
When we spoke to Shane Filan last Thursday, he was on his way to London for the gig and was looking forward to it.
The band treated the crowd to some of their greatest hits and was made even more special when a fireworks display lit up the sky behind them. 
The grey skies failed to dampen the spirits of thousands of music fans who turned out to watch some of the biggest names in pop at this year event.
Around 100,000 people packed London’s Hyde Park for Europe’s biggest one-day pop extravaganza.

Before Westlife came on stage, Pop Idol Will Young, Atomic Kitten, Wyclef Jean and Shaggy were among the big names who kept the crowd going until the final act came on stage.
Funds raised from this annual event are in aid of the Prince’s Trust.
The rain came down just as boy band Blue made a spectacular entrance, absailing on to the stage to perform their No 1 single, All Rise.
It wasn’t long before the sun came out again and got the crowd in form to sing along to some of the biggest names in pop music.
Heavily pregnant Natasha Hamilton from girl band Atomic Kitten gave her last performance at the concert before the birth of her son.
She is due in six weeks time and the band dedicated the number one song “Whole Again” to Natasha’s unborn baby, whom she has already named Josh.
“Today is my last day at work before little Josh is born but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
“I’ve got a bit of a sore back but I know he loves being on stage with me,” she said after their performance.

Last year the group, who are ambassadors for the Prince’s Trust, got the Prince Charles of Wales dancing away in the Royal Box. 
Westlife’s Bryan McFadden’s wife Kerry Katona left Atomic Kitten to pursue a television career and is now presenting the show Elimidate.
Wyclef Jean and Gareth Gates who turns 18 next week entertained the crowds with their latest hits. 
Yet the crowd left no doubt as to who they were there to see and the Westlife lads did not dissapoint.
The cast of the West End musical, We Will Rock You, closed the show.

Bryan And Mark Sing For The Crowd 

According to today's 'Daily Star' newspaper, Bryan and Mark performed an impromptu karaoke version of 'Flying Without Wings' at a London nightclub last night. 

The guys were hanging out at the 10 Rooms Club in posh Piccadilly when a microphone was given to them. Of course, being the lovely guys they are, Bryan and Mark sang to the lucky crowd, who couldn't believe their luck! 

Westlife - always happy to please their fans.

Kian And Bryan Have Fun 

Yesterday, we told you where Westlife went after their knockout performance at 'Party In The Park'. 

Well, check out page ten and eleven of today's 'Daily Star' newspaper to see a hilarious picture of Bryan and a lovely photo of Kian, taken by a sneaky snapper at the end of their night out. 

Looks like it was a great party. Go on guys, enjoy yourselves - you deserve it!

Looking For Older Westlife Fans 

The Sunday Magazine, part of the News of The World, is looking for female Westlife fans aged between 30 and 45 to form part of a feature for the magazine. If you fit the bill or know someone who does please call Julia asap on 07989 329292. This is could be your chance to be in the press so don't miss out!


UPDATED : July 10, 2002

Shane Isn't Getting Marry And Going Solo

From an Irish newspaper sent by Shanes Sheffield Girl

Westlife hunk Shane Filan is NOT going to Marry GILLIAN in OCTOBER 
and the romour about him going SOLO is NOT TRUE. Shane explained it 
all in an Irish local newspaper: "I don't know where everything is 
coming from, it's pathetic, why would I do a stupid thing like that 
and go solo, when obviously the band is doing so well." "I couldn't 
stop laughing it was really funny, I wouldn't get married yet, I'm 
too young maybe in another 4 years I'll think about it, but until 
then I don't feel it's time to get married." BRYAN MCFADDEN 
says "Watch out America, here we come!" Westlife are due in America 
in August.

Westlife Party After The Park 

Westlife were amazing at yesterday's 'Party In The Park'! Were you there, or
did you watch the show on the telly? The guys' hairstyles looked brilliant
and luckily the weather was OK.

Everyone who performed was great, but of course, it was Westlife who were
the best. Our sources told us that after the show, the guys went to Wyclef
Jean's party at Pacha, where they hung out with Enrique Inglesias and Anna

No doubt they had a double celebration - another great gig and Shane's

Aguilera Labels Westlife 'Liars'


Christina Aguilera's management has lashed out at "talentless" boy
band Westlife, claiming the fivesome have lied about a run-in with
the pop princess.

The Irish singers have long been fond of telling the story of
Christina's apparent diva-like strop, when she forced them to move
out of the VIP area of hip London nightspot the Met Bar so she could
have it to herself.

Ever since that alleged incident, which included Westlife claiming
Christina poured beer all over them when they wouldn't move, the lads
have been less than complimentary about their nemesis.

On UK TV show CD:UK, they referred to her as "really diva-like", and
they told kids' show SM:TV that she is "nothing but a stuck-up little

But, after a fan wrote in to the pop babe's website asking for
confirmation about the episode, her manager Irving Azoff decided to
tell the truth about Westlife's complaints.

He fumes, "This incident never happened and their manager (Louis
Walsh) promised to shut them up. But since they insist on fabricating
a story that never happened, I feel I have to set the record

"Isn't it too bad that a band with little talent would find it
necessary to try to get press by badmouthing another artist with real
talent." (WENN)

Westlife Spend $$ On Their US Attempt 

It is reported that Westlife are spending over $1.5 million to revamp
their image for their second (and most likely final) attempt at
making it big in the US. The boys recruited video maestro Atti J (who
has worked with Wyclef Jean) to reshoot their World of Our Own video,
complete with new hairstyles and expensive designer clothes. Westlife
are set for their assault on the US in August 2002.

New American manager Rober Livingston is helping Westlife's US
efforts. He has booked them to appear on the two top Late Night shows
(The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay
Leno), as well as on Entertainment Tonight.

Westlife's new look will be revealed at London's Party in the Park
this month. A source tells the UK tabloid Daily Star, "Westlife know
how much effort needs to into cracking America and they're psyched up
for it. The record label have earmarked a million pounds to make it


UPDATED : July 5, 2002

Happy Birthday, Shane!

Happy 23rd birthday for Shane Filan today on July 5.

Dominic Dimbleby's Question Times 

Talking politics ... Nicky
      AFTER GEORGE MICHAEL has gone all political with his latest single Shoot The Dog, everyone's been asking: Should pop stars get involved in politics?

      So in the first of a new occasional series called Dominic Dimbleby's Question Time, I nail some of the younger generation of pop stars too.

      My first victim, sorry contributor, is NICKY BYRNE, 23, from WESTLIFE who play Capital FM's Party In The Park for the Prince's Trust this Sunday.

      Q: Should Britain join the euro?

      A: I think they should. If Europe is trying to be all one, why should there be countries that are not part of the euro? I think the UK will eventually do it. I travel a lot and if I get off a plane in, say, Germany, I want to be able to buy what I want with the change in my pocket.

      Q: Will the situation in Kashmir, Pakistan & India end in nuclear war?

      A: Haven't a clue. Next question.

      Q: How do you feel about TONY BLAIR?

      A: I think he's quite good. We met him in Scotland and he was after autographs for his kids and he was very nice. My girlfriend Georgina's dad (Irish PM BERTIE AHERN) has a great relationship with him over Northern Ireland. There's still peace there and hopefully that can sort itself out. I think people like Tony Blair.

      Q: Do you think a band like Westlife could ever play Glastonbury?

      A: Ha, ha, ha. We'd love to. If we were asked we would but we would never get asked. If we did, we would probably get bottled off the stage. Ha, ha, ha. I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to stitch everyone up by just getting on stage. Wouldn't that be funny?

      Q: Is the MMR jab safe?

      A: I'm not sure. I remember someone saying last week they were speaking to their hairdresser. She's just had a baby and paid to have all the jabs done separately. That's probably the safer way to do it.

      Q: Should Yasser Aarafat step down as Palestinian leader?

      A: I haven't a clue. I haven't been following it.

      Q: Should everyone in Britain have to carry an ID card?

      A: It sounds like a good idea. Who cares if you can track everyone. If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't really have a problem. Anyway, I live in Ireland, not the UK so I wouldn't have to do it. If Europe did it it would make it interesting. I don't see it as a bad thing because everyone has bank cards and most people have National Insurance cards, things like that, so it's only really like another card.

      Q: Is the war on terrorism working?

      A: Um, you never really find out the real details of what's going on, do you? You don't know if it's working or not. I don't think killing everybody is gonna win anything but after September 11, America had to show the world they were doing something. Look at Vietnam, did that work? Who won, who lost - it all dies away after a couple of years.


UPDATED : July 4, 2002

Party In The Park 

Westlife are performing at this year's Party in the Park event in London on
Sunday. Hopefully some of their biggest fans will be there cheering them on.
We'll be there, soaking up the sun (hopefully) and while we're there we are
going to be on the look out for the biggest and best Westlife banners. The
owner of the best banner we spot will receive a signed Platinum Westlife
disc. The winner will be contacted by a BMG representative on the day. So
get working on those banners now!


UPDATED : July 2, 2002

Westlife Shapes Up For U.S.A 

Westlife are spending £1 million to revamp their image so that they
can crack the American market.
The lads vowed they would never return to the U.S. after they failed
to make an impression last year. But after slimming down and changing
their image, the boys are ready to rock.

A source told The Daily Star, "Westlife know how much effort needs to
into cracking America and they're psyched up for it."

What's more they've hired video maestro AttiI J to reshoot
their "World Of Our Own" video, complete with new hairstyles and
expensive designer clothes.

Their new American manager Robert Livingston is confident that they
will be a hit in America and has booked them to appear on top rated
U.S. chat shows like "The Late Show With David Letterman," "The
Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and "Entertainment Tonight." -- SP

Spend Spend Spend 

According to today's Daily Star, Westlife are blowing over one million
pounds to revamp their image for a fresh assault on America.

The guys are currently locked in a Dublin film studio today reshooting their
World of Our Own video which will feature new haircuts, expensive designer
gear and slick new presentation.

The video is being shot by Attl J, who has previously directed videos for
Wyclef Jean and City High. Its the most expensive video the guys have ever

The lads have decided to give the American market another crack and will be
over in the States in August to record shows including David Letterman, Jay
Leno and Entertainment Tonight.

During the video shoot so many fans gathered outside the dissued studio in
Dublin that the director had to call a halt to all the screaming since it
was gettting in the way of filming!

Westlife's brand new image will be unveiled at Party in the Park and we
can't wait to see it! After returning from the States the guys are going
straight back into the studio to record new tracks for their Greatest Hits
album which is due out later this year.

W:W! News + (World Of Our Own Deluxe Edition)

BMG Indonesia had just released World Of Our Own Deluxe Edition.
The price is Rp 25.000,00 and it contains of World Of Our Own cassette and bonus cassette with these tracks :

Side A
1. Bad Girls
2. I Promise You That
3. Crying Girl
4. You Don't Know

Side B
1. Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. Reason For Living
3. My Private Movie
4. Don't Get Me Wrong

The cover is the same with Bop Bop Baby first cover which was released in UK.


UPDATED : June 27, 2002

Westlife Sing For Elton 

Westlife are amongst a host of stars performing at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball, this Thursday. 

The charity event will raise funds for Elton's Aids Foundation. Lulu, Ronan Keating, Sting and Craig David are also performing at the bash. 

Bless those guys - they're always happy to help a good cause.

Westlife Ready For The Party 

It's official - Westlife are performing at the Party In The Park in Leeds. 

It's happening on Sunday 14th July, and limited tickets are available through Leeds Town Hall. 

Also on the bill are Blue, Hear'Say and Zoe Birkett. The show's happening at Temple Newsam Estate, Leeds.

From The Sun

It is reported that Bryan is launching his own rock band. He will
manage, produce and write for the band. He says he's decided to
branch out because he doesn't just want to be a singer in a boy band.
Bryan said, "I'm not just a boy band robot. The new band is secret at
the moment as it is early days but I am really excited about them."


UPDATED : June 26, 2002

Bryan Leaves Ireland For Kerry... 

Westlife star Bryan McFadden missed a party with the Irish soccer
team to be with his wife Kerry as she was rushed to hospital.

The party was in Lillies Bordello last week but Bryan had to be with
his wife and former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona was rushed to Mount
Carmel hospital in Dublin.

The singer was expected to join the team in Lillies where the rest of
Westlife celebrated the end of their twelve nights of shows in the
Point. But after the band's concert Bryan was forced to rush to Mount
Carmel where Kerry had been taken on Tuesday evening after a scare
involving the cist which plagued her after the birth of the couple's
daughter Molly last year.

Thankfully after being kept in for just one night Kerry was released
on Wednesday morning and is back in great shape again.

Bryan was expected to join new band Fifth Avenue in Lillies, with
whom he is currently working.

Ireland's world cup hero Robbie Keane spent most of the night showing
the girls from Louis Walsh's all girl band Bellefire, who had earlier
sang at the homecoming party in the park, a good time.

Party In The Park Comp 

As you know Westlife will be performing at this year’s star studded Capital FM’s Party in the Park for The Prince’s Trust on Sunday 7th July. They have some special surprises up their sleeves too! All the tickets are sold out but we’ve managed to get a pair of tickets, from those lovely people at Channel 5, for one lucky winner to take a mate to the event. To enter this competition head over to the fun stuff section now! 

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the event as those lovely people at Channel 5 will take you behind the scenes to mingle with the stars and capture the best performances from this year’s Capital FM’s Party in the Park for The Prince’s Trust. The show will be broadcast live on Channel 5 on Sunday 7th July 2002 between 12.05pm to 7.00pm. 

Be sure to tune in to Channel 5 as you’ll have the opportunity to send SMS messages to win exclusive prizes including Shakira’s mouth organ, Enrique’s sunglasses and much, much more. Plus you can vote for your favourite Blue song and they will perform the winning track live on stage during their set. If that’s not enough there’s a chance to win a lunch date with Westlife! 

Staged once again in London’s Hyde Park, proceeds will go towards funding The Prince’s Trust and its work in helping thousands of disadvantaged young people to get a better start in life. A small proportion of money raised will go to 95.8 Capital FM’s Help a London Child which goes to help needy children in London. 

Check out for more info. 

FYI the competition will close at 5pm on Wednesday 3rd July and winners will be notified by email or phone on Thursday 4th July. The prize includes a pair of general admission tickets to the event on Sunday 7th July. Winners must make their own way to and from the venue.


UPDATED : June 23, 2002

Westlife Newsletter



It's been a while since we've emailed but life on the road has been really

We're now coming to the final stages of our 'World of Our Own' tour and
we just can't believe how quickly the whole tour has shot by. As we had
hoped, Dublin has been so much fun. It’s been great to be back and playing
to our home crowd. It’s also been good to be back in Dublin whilst the World
Cup has been on. As you know we're all pretty big footie fans and think
the Irish team did so well out in Japan and S.Korea. Like the rest of the
nation we were so gutted to be out on penalties but that's the way it goes
sometimes. We felt really proud and honoured to be part of the party that
welcomed the team back home and we had a tremendous day at the Phoenix Park
along with the team, our friends from Six and over 100,000 Irish fans!

We're back off to play some final shows in Belfast this week, which will
be a fitting end to the tour.  After that we will be going into the studio
to record some new tracks. We can't wait to go back into the studio.  During
the tour we've been writing some new material that we're really excited
about recording. During July we will also be doing a few roadshows and having
a little holiday time too. At Party in The Park in London we've got something
really special up our sleeves so it will definitely be worth coming down!
Come and see us during July at the following shows:

6th July BRMB Party In The Park, Birmingham 2pm
6th July Mardis Gras at Hackney Marshes, London 7pm
7th July Party in the Park, London
13th July EMAP Roadshow, Sheffield
14th July EMAP Roadshow, Leeds

We've recorded some new backstage footage from Earl's Court that is up on
the Platinum site now. Platinum members can watch an interview with Kian,
who will also take you on a backstage tour of the dressing rooms and let
you into some behind the scenes secrets. Keep watching for an exclusive
video interview with Mark filmed backstage at Earl's Court, which will be
coming very soon. For those of you who didn't know, Westlife Platinum is
now only £1.99 for a month's membership

Thanks for all you support.



Westlife Welcomes Irish Stars (Old News) 

Westlife are expected to appear at an open-air concert in Ireland this afternoon, to pay tribute to the heroic efforts of the nation's football team.

The boyband are to headline an impromptu show in Dublin's Phoenix Park, which is set to be attended by thousands of Irish football and music fans.

As many as 100,000 people are likely to enjoy the occasion, with groups such as Westlife, Bellfire and Six set to perform for in the city, before the team arrive back from Japan.

A spokesman for the company behind the event explained the players "are the main focus". Gar Holohan told "We are trying for something that will combine the football and entertainment worlds".

Despite the hopes of the people of Ireland, the Irish are unlikely to embark on an open-top bus ride through the city, due to safety fears.


UPDATED : June 21, 2002

A 100,000 Welcomes Mick... joined the Ireland team plus a host of celebrites and 100,000 loyal fans on Tuesday night in Dublin for the home coming party.

Mick McCarthy

An army of green, white and gold filled 15 acres of the Phoneix Park and 100,000 welcomes were showered on the shocked Irish team.


To acknowledge the magnificent achievement of the Irish Soccer Squad in the World Cup the free event celebrated both the Irish Squads' achievement and the support of its fantastic fans.

The crowd were entertained by Aprés Match, The Revs, Bellfire, Kila, 5th Avenue, Mundy, Six, Picturehouse and Westlife.


The event was organised by Dúchas, the Heritage Service for the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism and involved over 300 police, 200 stewards and 100 members of the Civil Defence.

Westlife Perform Their Team 

The Irish World Cup squad returned to Dublin yesterday, only to find
100,000 footy fans waiting to greet them. If that wasn't enough for
the players, who'd just had to sit through a fourteen-hour flight
from South Korea, they also had another big surprise in store.

Their biggest fans, Mark, Shane, Nicky, Bryan and Kian were waiting
to sing for them, and to congratulate them on their amazing World Cup
results. Westlife wore very patriotic jackets, covered with the three
colours of the Irish flag.

They couldn't wait to meet their World Cup heroes, and the squad
couldn't wait to hear Westlife!


DON'T you just hate a sore loser? BRYAN McFADDEN showed he was right behind England's bid to win the World Cup by getting the crowd at a gig in Dublin to boo our boys' magnificent 3-0 victory against Denmark.

Then he added insult to injury by threatening to burn the flag of St George.

I don't like to sink to your level Bry, but I can only think of one word to say: "Spain."

Thirty Years Later, Snail's Pace Go On 

This writer first came to live in Sligo just over 30 years ago and one of the first controversies to catch my eye was the debate over the route for Sligo’s new road.
As an innocent and naive young Cavan man, I thought it would all be sorted out within weeks and that the road would be built in a year or so. Boy was I wrong.
Thirty years later, the snail’s-pace rate of progress continues. There is still no confirmation on whether the special loan for the road will go ahead.
Some weeks ago, officials of Sligo County Council wrote to the Department of the Environment to determine if there are any strings attached to the department’s offer to pay the interest on a five million euro loan for the road. But so far there has been no reply.
This followed an eve-of-poll loan promise secured by now TD, Jimmy Devins, who was then under voter pressure to deliver something on the project. If and when the loan materialises, it will enable some work go ahead in 2002.
The most recent official go-ahead for the road was on August 29, 2000 when the then Environment Minister, Noel Dempsey, announced: “I am pleased to now approve this scheme as its implementation will eliminate severe traffic congestion in Sligo Town”.
Now here we are 658 days later, or 30 years, depending on which starting point you wish to take, and we are still waiting.

Westlife evolve from rusty bike to BMWs

Anyone who requires convincing of either the popularity or indeed the talent of the Westlife boys should try to make it along to one of their remaining concert tour dates. There is of course the big ‘if’ you can get tickets.
Having been dragged to The Point on Wednesday night by two young females – offspring I hasten to add – I can tell you they put on some live show. And the reaction of the screaming fans is something to see – and hear. And when you consider that they have been getting similar reactions at over 80 concerts on this world tour it puts the Westlife phenomena in perspective.
They have come a long way in a short time. It doesn’t seem long since I first saw two of the Sligo founding members together. Shane Filan and Kian Egan were carrying an old disabled rusty bicycle up Castle Street in the direction of the Carlton.
Before that, from my vantage point at my upstairs desk in the then Castle Street Weekender office, I often observed Shane out at the back of the family-owned cafe next door, hanging out clothes on the line. The clothes line was erected over a flat roof on the cafe and the young ‘domestically minded’ Shane would emerge through an upstairs door to give his mammy a hand.
Then there was the original band, IOU and briefly, Westside. And when they first came home to Sligo after teaming up with Louis Walsh, everyone was talking about the crowd they drew when they played in the relatively tiny Saint Anne’s Youth Centre!
Now 10 number ones and several albums later, the rusty bike has been replaced by BMWs and I’m not sure who hangs out the clothes.
And after their record-breaking tour they head off to try to make it big in the US - a market that has eluded many major European acts.
While I am far from being an expert in these things, having watched them in action my hunch is that they can do it.
But either way, the three Sligo lads and their hordes of local fans will always remember where it all started.


UPDATED : June 19, 2002

Westlife Hail Irish Battlers 

Party in the park ... huge crowd enjoys bash

POP idols Westlife and 100,000 fans gave Ireland’s World Cup heroes a rousing welcome home last night.

A £300,000 bash bankrolled by the Irish government was laid on for the team at Dublin’s Phoenix Park.

A fleet of 170 free-fare buses ferried revellers to the open air salute. And the players and manager Mick McCarthy were taken to the park after their jet landed at Dublin airport.

Idols ... Keane, Dunne and Duff

Westlife, dressed in green, white and gold, squeezed in a performance for the fans before being whisked to a gig in the Irish capital.

They sang A World Of Our Own just before the team arrived. Six and Samantha Mumba’s brother Omera also wowed the crowd.

Ireland only missed making the last eight because Spain beat them on penalties.

Team line-up ... players clap as balloons fly

And one fan said: “To a man they all played brilliantly. We couldn’t have asked anything more of them.”

Delighted McCarthy told the supporters: “We were told to expect a reception but honestly never expected anything like this. You are just amazing.”

Robbie Keane and Damien Duff got the loudest cheer as they took a bow on stage with defender Richard Dunne.

Robbie said: “You’re the best fans in the world.”

Goalie Shay Given led the crowd in a chorus of Happy Birthday to Jason McAteer, 31, yesterday.

Louis Keep Westlife Away From Showbiz... 

We love the Westlife boys but even we have to admit the jury is still
out on their over protective manager Louis Walsh.

Maybe we are just feeling a little miffed because we went to cover
the bands opening night in the Point Theatre in Dublin, and Louis
barred us from visiting the lads backstage.

But, don't worry is still the only place you will
get the low down on the boys.

Louis allowed such other publications as The Star and The Sun
backstage to see the band, but we still seem to be the only one to
know that Kian Egan's love life is back on track after a split with
his Swedish girlfriend Jessica.

The couple have been stepping out for a year and but recently split
up for whatever rock and roll reasons you can think of. Anyway, two
weeks ago the couple got back together and were spotted out shopping
in London in a Cartier shop.

Sadly, our tabloid friends guessed Kian was buying something for
Jessica to show her happy he was to have her back. Wrong again our
sources inside the Westlife camp reveal Kian was actually buying
something nice for himself to go along with the black Porsche he
bought himself last year.

As for Louis Walsh we guess we will have to try and be nice to him as
he is taking our favourite actress Alison O'Reilly with him this week
to Elton John's party in London.

Our invite must still be in the post?

Kian And Six 

If you saw Westlife in concert, you must have seen one of their amazing support acts - Six. For those of you who don't know, Six are the group who were formed from the Irish 'Popstars' programme.

In this video clip, you can see them meeting our very own Kian. He reckons they're fab, we reckon they're fab, and you'll reckon they're fab, too!

Go to the news section of the official site to see Kian meeting three of the guys, backstage on the tour. If you want more info on Six they now have their own website at  (check out..Andy's tourdiary & the messageboard ) 

Bryan The Rocker 

Rumours are rife our Bryan's going to form a rock band aside from Westlife! Apparently, he'll write the songs, produce the music and will also be the group's manager. It's all meant to be hush hush at the moment, but you know us at - we just can't keep a secret!


UPDATED : June 15, 2002

Westlife Will Be Playing In Scotland This Sunday After All (today news) 

Yesterday we revealed the Irish heart-throbs had decided to pull out of Glasgow's Irn Bru Live + Loud festival so they could watch the Ireland v Spain Wordl Cup game on TV.

But after 12 hours of frantic talks the gig was saved - thank's to Celtic's offer to let them see the match at Parkhead.

Amzing deal saves it!
Live + Loud sponsors pay £10k to fly Westlife and pals to Scotland for gig

Boy band Westlife have staged an amazing u-turn by agreeing to play Scotland's Irn-Bru L+L festival on Sunday after an amazgin alst minute deal involving the Premier League trophy and a £10,000 travel bill.

Organisers SCottish Radio Holdings and the band's record label BMG Recrods were involved in a series of frantic calls yesterday to persuade the headliners to come to Scotland after they decided to pull out.

The group had refused to turn up for their appearnce at the music bash, because they wanted to be at home with friends and family to watch the World CVup match between Ireland and Spain.

But a last-minute phone call to eltic cheif executive Ian McLeod cvlinched a deal which means Celtic-crazy Westlife WILL headline the all star bill. McLeod agred to a requets from Clyde One FM managing director Paul Cooney to open Celtic Park, where Westlife will now watch the game.

The deals means they will watch the game from the boardroom.

Family and friends of Wetlife mambers, Shane Filan, Bryan McFAdden, Kian Egan, Nicky Bryan and Mark Feehily are being flown to Scotland to help them feel at home.

Thrown into the deal is the chance to meet Celtic strs from past and present including Lisbon Lions legend Jimmy "Jinky" Johnstone and Neil Lennon


The icing on the cake is that Westlife will get their hands on the Bank of Scotland SPL trophy after a tour of the stadium.

Afterwrds, they'll be whisked to L+L before being flown straight back to Dublin for a concert at night.

The move follows the Record's exclusive yesterday in which we revealed they had pulled out of the concert.

Last night Clyde FM managing director Paul Cooney and BMG vice president Nigel Sweeney prasied the record for helping Westlife realise they should play the show.

Cooney said: "Thanks to the Record who highlighted we had a problem, we made some frantic calls and pulled out all the stops. Westlife have told us they are now coming to L+L. The deal is they are going to fly over on Sunday morning with friends and family and will be whisked straight away to the home of thei football heroes Cetlic.

"They will watch the match in the boardroom at Celtic Park before being given a tour of the stadium and they'll get their hands on the Bank of Scotlqand SPL trophy.

"We want to thank Celtic for immediately agreing to our request. Ian McLeod, chief executive of Celtic was in the States, but he called back five minutes later to say yes

"We pulled out all the stops becuase we couldn't have the Scottish fans let down in this nway. We could understand them saying they wnteed to be at home.

"Now they can hage the best of both worlds. They can watch the game at the home of one of the greatest football clubs.

They changed their minds when they realised so many fans would be disappointed - and they've always had a great relationship with the Scottish fans. It's a unique way of seeing the game - at the home of the Scottish champions"

It's also a unique turnaround which helps to boost the festival's credibility after cahrt-toppers A1 cancelled their apperance to play in the States.

BMG vice president Nigel Sweeney added: "The band saw the Record and realised they had a proiblem. They will now do L+L, watch the game and do a gig at The Point that night. We have now incorporated it so that they can bring a lot of friends and family s well.


"They are chuffed that they can do it and are very sorry for the anguish they've caused fans. All is fine and they look forward ro seeing everyone who is coming on Sunday.

Last night, Mark Feehily said: "Listen, sorry to all the fans. The Record have played it fair by showing us that it's important to be at L+L. We'll be there."

McFadden added: "It's great because we won't be letting the fans down and we'll get to be with people we want to be with. But we want to make it clear that we did nothing wrong. It's Ireland v Spain and it's a big thing"

Westlife Snub Fans For TV Game (June 13 news) 

Band axe Glasgow gig to see World Cup TV game...

John Dingwall

IRISH superstars Westlife last night snubbed their Scots fans by pulling out of Sunday's Irn-Bru Live+Loud festival.

The boy band said they were staying at home to watch Ireland face Spain in the second round of the World Cup, and insisted "You Scots would do the same".

But their excuses rang hollow for Westlife fan Carol Main, from Edinburgh, who said: "I can't believe Westlife have done this.

"I've supported them since the beginning and bought tickets for the festival when I heard they were playing. I don't see why they can't watch the game in Glasgow."

Linda Hamilton, from East Kilbride, also complained: "This sucks. Whatever happened to the show must go on? Westlife are behaving like spoilt brats."

The boy band's cancellation has caused a massive headache for organisers Scottish Radio Holdings and the band's record label BMG, who even offered to set up a giant TV screen behind the stage to show the match.

But Bryan McFadden, Kian Egan, Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily, were unanimous in their decision to cancel.

Last night McFadden said: "Sorry we're not playing Live+Loud but we want to be at home with our families and friends when Ireland play in the World Cup.

"It's not our fault, it's our record label BMG who have f***** up. We told them from the beginning we would play Live+Loud on one condition and that condition was that Ireland weren't through to the next stage.

"Now that's happened and they've ignored us and tried to force us to do something we said all along we wouldn't. We're sorry for the fans. See you next time."

The game will be beamed live around the world when it kicks off at 12.30pm on Sunday.

Westlife weren't expected to take the stage at Glasgow's Bellahouston Park until four hours later.

Yesterday the group spent five hours trying to evade questions despite a pre-arranged interview with the Record.

Later their manager, Louis Walsh, attempted to gag the Record from asking any questions about the Live+Loud festival.

But McFadden, wearing an Ireland football hat and kicking a ball backstage at Dublin's The Point venue, eventually admitted Westlife would not be playing in Glasgow.

He denied the cancellation was a blatant snub to the 35,000 Scots fans expected to attend the festival.

Mcfadden told the Record exclusively: "Look, I want to watch the game at home with my friends and family."It's hard but you're Scottish so you know what it means to us. You Scots would do the same if you were in the same position. Hopefully it wont be too long before we're back."

Nicky Byrne added: "We'd hoped to play Live+Loud but it's true we'll be watching the match at home. We can't get too drunk during the day because we've got a concert to play at The Point again on Sunday night."

The Live+Loud festival will see performances by Samantha Mumba, H & Claire, Sugababes, Toploader, Liberty X and many other top chart acts.

It's the second year running a headliner has cancelled at short notice. Last year, Atomic Kitten pulled out due to illness.

A Live+Loud insider said: "This has come as a bolt out of the blue. We have just heard that Westlife have cancelled. We are now trying to find a suitable replacement."

Westlife In Concert & Bryan On Babies 

Dublin rocked over the weekend as Westlife, Six, Santana and The Pogues all kicked off Ireland's concert season.

Westlife's Bryan McFadden even took time out of the bands 12-date tour to explain how himself and his wife Kerry Katona are trying for more kids.

"I want more kids now," Bryan admitted. "All together I would like three or four kids but that's just me. I haven't discussed numbers with Kerry yet but we are trying for more kids at the moment and we would love to give little Molly a brother or sister sooner rather then later."

He went on, "As for everything else as soon as we finished the tour I'm going to take Kerry and Molly away on an exotic holiday to get what has happened over the past few months out of our hair. Kerry is still working on her TV career so we will have make time for the break, which we will as soon as the tour ends. To be honest I can't wait because I'm knackered at this stage."

More Westlife Photos below:

Hot Westlife Gossip! 

Get ready for some news that's going to make this day a very, very good one... Rumour has it that our Mark's free and single!

The stories about him being hooked up with a Bellefire babe are NOT true!

Time to get dolled up and make that star impression. You never know, Mark's dream date could be you...

Have A 'Sneak' Look At Westlife 

Have you seen 'Sneak', the new celebrity gossip magazine? The first issue's
out now, and, guess what, Westlife are featured amongst the glossy pages!

Turn to page four and five and you can see the plans for Shane's amazing new
house. Also, there's a rundown of Westlife as kids, which has some great
info about the guys when they were growing up.

Oh, and you can also see a piccy of Shane with his mum and dad. Bless!

(Note : you can go to see the article and pic)


UPDATED : June 7, 2002

Win Tickets To See Band’s Finale In The Point 

SLIGO WEEKENDER has two tickets to give away for the band’s final concert in The Point Theatre in Dublin.
The band’s world tour has been described as being in a “World of its Own” and has gotten rave reviews throughout Europe.
As the band’s concert sold out months ago, here is your chance to win two precious tickets to see the band’s final gig in the Point on Tuesday June 18.
It will be the final showdown, for what has been a worldwind experience for the band and its fans.
The band play 11 gigs in the Point, by far their biggest run in any of the venues they have played in during their world tour.
Their stint in Dublin starts on this Thursday June 6 and will end on Tuesday June 18.
The band are placing themselves for one of the biggest homecoming concerts ever, but you can be guaranteed that their send off on the final night will be just as amazing.
Sligo native Kian Egan said that the band can’t wait to bring the concert home to Dublin.
So to be in with a chance of winning the two tickets, just answer this simple question below and send your answer back on this form with your name, address, age, and telephone number to Westlife Watch, The Sligo Weekender, Waterfront House, Bridge Street, Sligo.

QUESTION: Which venue in Dublin will the band play in?

So get your answers into us as soon as possible!
We will contact the lucky winners and announce the results in the paper on the following Tuesday, June 11.

West For Life 

One of Westlife's biggest fans, Mrs Archer (36) from Suffolk, loves the guys
so much, she's named her baby boy after them! He's called Kian Bryan Nicky
Shane Mark Archer. Now that's a dedicated fan!

About Kian And Mystery Blonde 

WESTLIFE'S only unattached man Kian Egan has found it hard to find love.

But it looks like his romantic fortunes have been given a boost.

The singer was spotted with a mystery blonde on what seemed suspiciously like a shopping expedition to find an engagement ring.

Casually-dressed Kian looked blissfully happy as he whisked his attractive companion into Cartier in London, where they spent hours looking at rings.

Could Kian be set to follow bandmate Bryan McFadden up the aisle?

W:W! News + (Mark Blonde)

Hey, do you wanna see the new pics of Mark with his highlighted blonde hair? Go to to see the new pic of him. Thanks to Lola who has sent the pics!

Manic Merchandise 

We've heard a great rumour... Apparently, Westlife will be releasing their
own range of clothing!

We don't know any more right now, whether it'll be clothes for guys and
girls, or both, but how cool would that be?

Imagine that, you'll be able to hear Westlife, see Westlife, and now wear

Westlife - Just Say No (To Drugs)! 

In a taped message to 25,000 primary sevens across Scotland, Westlife told the youngsters to say no
to drugs. The event was held at the SECC in Glasgow and included a day of entertainment and
education, all with an anti-drug theme.

Westlife - Earls Court, London 

There's high drama at Earls Court tonight (May 28, 2002). The time is 8:00pm. 18,000 fans aged between 5 and 55 are gearing-up to go ballistic. Westlife are about to make their live return to the Capital after an unusually low entry to the singles chart at Number 5. A massive stage resembling a parked flying saucer sits in the middle of the arena. On it are five mysterious looking black pods.

8:35pm and the wait is getting too much. Suddenly the audience rises in unison like a pack of inquisitive meercats. Is it the band? No - shockingly a fight has broken out. Bouncers dive in and drag two grown women apart, kicking and screaming. Much finger pointing and shouting follows as security do their best to diffuse the tension. It really is all going off.

Finally the lights go down, the pods become globes and rise to the ceiling. 8:50pm mild pandemonium ensues. The lads emerge from them; float down to the stage clad in full-length Mad Max style leather coats and take their positions on separate points of the pentagonal stage. Something resembling 'World Of Our Own' then kicks in but it's hard to tell. The sound is akin to playing their album on a low quality hi-fi sealed in an oil drum and surrounded with screaming girls. 

The show then consists of the boys gradually circling the 'in-the-round' stage so we get an equal amount of time with each. There are costume changes involving an empty stage and turgid jamming from the band, a mere five dancers and very little action to speak of. 

There's the occasional inaudible chat, they sing happy birthday to Mark and play a medley of covers, crucifying 'Brown Eyed Girl'. It isn't until the inevitable encore that there is any spectacle to speak of. Their guitarist performs a solo with Kiss-esque pyrotechnics and the boys fly, without wings, but on harnesses above our heads. 

Essentially, Westlife are a massive bowl of pasta without sauce. They certainly do the job and do it well but after their forefathers Boyzone they are the ultimate boybland (sic) geared to please all ages without offending anyone's palette. Their live experience features only a mere sprinkling of Parmesan to add any flavour. Thoroughly upstaged by the pre-show shenanigans, on this form a Number 5 is all they deserve.

Josh Rogan


UPDATED : June 1, 2002

Early Rise For Shane And Nicky 

We all know how the guys like to have a lie in, especially when they're on
tour. But, it looks like footy mad Shane and Nicky will have to get up early
tomorrow if they want to watch Ireland's first World Cup match, against

Because of the time difference between the UK, Japan and Korea, the match
will start at 7:30 in the morning, our time.

Better get to bed early tonight then, guys!

No Presents For Mark 

According to the Daily Star newspaper, the guys didn't get Mark a present
for his birthday! Mark turned 22 last Tuesday, and the guys hadn't got him a
gift yet. However, his mum and dad flew down from Ireland to lavish him with
gifts, and he did get to perform in front of a packed house at Earls Court,
so it couldn't have been a bad birthday for Mark!

Star Studded Audience For Westlife 

Westlife had a star studded audience watch them at Earls Court on Tuesday.

Gareth Gates was there, so were the S Club Juniors, and Ronan Keating.
According to the Daily Star newspaper, everyone was chanting for Gareth.

Well, they were until Westlife stepped onto the stage!

Win Tickets To Westlife Concert 

NOW’S your chance to see pop’s hottest group Westlife perform live in Dublin’s Point Theatre and meet the band backstage afterwards.
      This is your one and only opportunity to get hold of a ticket, as the band’s concerts in Dublin are completely sold out.
      Sligo Rovers Supporters Club, Sligo town branch, have two pairs of tickets to give away for what is undoubtedly the show of the year in the Point Theatre, Dublin on Thursday June 6.
      You will be among the first fans to see the band on the opening night of their marathon session of 11 gigs at Dublin’s Point.
      The tickets will be auctioned next week by the club on Thursday and Friday May 30 and 31 between 9a.m. and 11a.m.
      So keep your phone line free as all bids will be taken over the phone.

Westlife Unhappy With Bryan's Behaviour? 

(smells like a tabloid/read with an open mind) According to Britain's Daily Sport newspaper, Westlife are being ripped apart from the inside - because of Bryan's "infantile actions". The other guys want to maintain the band's clean-living kid-friendly image (which we all already know isn't so), but Bryan - marketed as the "family man" of the group - wants to let down his hair with Kerry.

According to the newspaper, things came to a head when Shane accused Bryan of being "unprofessional" after he tried to drop his trousers during a gig in Belfast, saying, "Bryan's playing up may be funny to the audience, but it's very f***ing annoying."

Bryan responded, "I get bored easily and I just want some fun."

A band source reveals, "Things have been very strained with Bryan since he kicked off with (British garage collective) So Solid Crew at the Brit Awards. Westlife are predominantly a teen band and we don't want their fans to see them drinking and fighting. We have let a lot of things pass with Bryan, like his wild nights with Kerry and their trips to lap-dancing clubs, because that's their private life. But when he starts acting up on stage that is something else. Their image is their future and if they start losing fans because of Bryan then they put that at risk."

Kian: Mark's Hookup Was Invented 

Kian has come out and said that Mark's supposed romance with Bellefire singer Cathy Newell was invented by none other than their manager (Louis Walsh) for media attention.

Kian said, "Mark's not in a relationship either. The thing with Cathy was just a press thing - that's just Louis Walsh. I didn't get linked with Bellefire because I told Louis not to do it! Mark and I go out quite a lot now. When the other boys are out with their girls we go out and have a laugh. We're quite good mates at the moment - we've got no problem just going to the bar for a drink, just the two of us. Its cool."

Kian also said, "I kind of notice Mark getting a bit lonely once in a while, but I think he's coping well. He's very close to his mum, and he's the kind of person who'd ring her up and say, 'I'm f***ing pissed off!'"

Kian On Shane And Gillian 

In another story, Kian revealed that he tried to stop Shane from dating his cousin Gillian at first. During an interview with Sneak magazine, Kian admitted, "At first I had some reservations. I used to stop Shane from seeing Gillian because she was my cousin and I was really close to her. When we were 16 and we were performing in the musical Grease together, they nearly started going out. But I'd say things like, 'Aah, Gillian, you don't wanna go there, you won't get on,' and 'Oh, Shane, she's a real... whatever!'"

But he is now happy that the two of them are together, saying "It's so cool that two of my best friends are going out together, and it's good 'cos he knows if he ever does anything wrong he'd never get away with it."

UPDATED : May 30, 2002

Never Too Old For Westlife! 

Did you know Westlife's oldest fan is 82! Olive Keeley 'Had A Dream' to meet
the guys in the flesh and thanks to her daughter, her dream came true... She
got to see the guys in concert AND meet them before the show. Now that's one
happy lady!

Westlife Down Right Dirty 

Hygeine is apparently not Westlife's forte, after reports from housecleaning staff at hotels. During their recent stay in Sheffield in the north of England, one cleaner was met with a particularly gruesome sight. A source says, "One of the cleaners at the hotel was almost gagging at what she found in their rooms. There were cigarette butts in tea cups, dirty plasters in the bed sheets and a rank stench lingering in their suites. She was also shocked to find a huge collection of specialist magazines in one of the boys' rooms. It wasn't exactly the Beano comic, put it like that."


UPDATED : May 28, 2002

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Today is Mark 22nd birthday! So happy birthday, Mark! May all the joy and healthy be with you always.

Westlife Beat Ant 'n' Dec 

Westlife beat Ant and Dec's team in the final of yesterday's (27/05/02)
celebrity six-a-side soccer tournament at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground.

The guys had former England player Bryan Robson in their team, and scored
the winning goal in the last minute. The final score was three-two.

Maybe Westlife should be on the Irish footy team for the World Cup!

Westlife Are Soccer Six Champions!!! 

Westlife are champions. It's official. After a tightly fought final between the tournaments two best teams, it was the Irish boyband who won the day over Ant and Dec.
But it was a closely matched game with both sides playing a solid, tight game and not wanting to give anything anyway with all at stake.

The final was end to end stuff with the score locked at two all before ex-England captain, the legendary Bryan Robson stepped up to fire home an injury time winner.

Before that Mark Owen and Bryan Westlife came very close and Ant had a storming game in goal tipping over the bar on more than one occasion.

Robson also made a last ditch tackle to deny Greco in front of the biggest crowd of the day and all the teams gathered around pitch one to cheer on the finalists.

When the winning goal hit the back of the net, boos rang out around the stadium. It may not have been the most popular victory of the day but Westlife deserved the honour of Soccer Six champions 2002.

Well done to everyone who took part and see you all next year.

Winners Of Fan-O-Mania 

The winners of the Fan-o-mania game are as follows: Laura Jones, Amy
Stonehouse, Susan Lacey, Leung Ka Man, Christine Warfield , Dawn Clyne,
Sally Jordan, Tracy Martin, Karen Neal and Emily Richmond.

In addition the following winners of a copy of the game have also won one
pair of free tickets to see Westlife live at Earls Court this week: Danielle
O'Brien, Emily Richmond, Carmen Monnery and Cassandra Fullstone.

All winners will be contacted by email.

Please note the release of the game has been pushed back due to some
production issues. The PC version will now be released 14th June and the PSX
version will be released 28th June.

Westlife Head Back To USA 

Westlife are heading back to America.

The guys are hoping to break the massive US market and have already been
booked to appear on some of the biggest television shows out there,
including 'The Late Show with David Letterman' and 'The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno'.

They'll also be playing some big concerts, and hope to film a new video for
'World Of Our Own'. Thge guys are massive everywhere else in the world, so
it's about time America started talking notice of how wonderful Westlife


UPDATED : May 27, 2002

Guess Who's Back? 

Eminem has blazed back to the top of the UK charts with the first release from his heavily anticipated third album, 'Without Me'.

The self-styled bad boy of rap pushes Liberty X down into the number two slot with 'Just A Little' and Ronan Keating down to four with 'If Tomorrow Never Comes'.

New in at three is 'It's OK' from Atomic Kitten who will be celebrating this evening at the party following the celebrity football fundraiser, Soccer Six.

Westlife, also taking part in the football today, are fresh into the chart at five with 'Bop Bop Baby' whilst the solo debut from Garage star Ms Dynamite, 'It Takes More', enters the chart at seven.

US alt-metal phenomenon, Korn, debut at 12 with 'Here To Stay', Rhianna at 18 with 'Oh Baby' and A at 20 with 'Starbucks'.

In albums, Ronan Keating is new at number one with 'Destination'.

Lulu goes in at four with 'Together' and rock newcomers, Hundred Reasons, get a good result at six with 'Ideas Above Our Station'.

Click here to search eBay for Korn, A, Ronan Keating, Atomic Kitten, Eminem, Westlife, Lulu, Hundred Reasons, Liberty X, Ms Dynamite, Rhianna.

Westlife? Never Heard Of The Eminem 

WESTLIFE have taken a tonguelashing from rapper Eminem —who will storm in at No1 today with another hip hop hit, leaving the boyband's Bop Bop Baby trailing at No5.

In an exclusive interview the rapper asked me: "Who the f*** are Westlife? Some boyband bulls***.

"I've never even heard of them. You tell me they're a pop band. Well, each to their own."

Em let rip on the blower from his home town of Detroit as his single, Without Me, headed for the top of the chart.

After a string of ten No1 singles, Bop Bop Baby looks set to be the second Westlife single to fail to make the top spot. Eminem is not a fan. "Boybands are just pussies," he said. "Singing about love and s***. Who cares! My last album Marshall Mathers sold nearly two million copies in a week, which was crazy.


"It's a great achievement. I work hard and it's nice to see people like my music. That's the ultimate prize for an artist."

The money isn't bad either. Eminem is now worth an amazing £55million.

His last two albums have sold more than 15 million and he earned more than £1million in merchandising alone last year. But it doesn't stop there. He'll be rapping all the way to the bank when he headlines the US Anger Management Tour in July.

He's also won several music gongs, including four prestigious Grammy Awards, but now he has set his sights on an Oscar.

Eminem—real name Marshall Mathers —makes his acting debut in the new Hollywood flick 8 Mile, which hits the big screen across the Atlantic in November, just in time to be nominated for the Oscar.

He said: "It's directed by Curtis Hanson, who did LA Confidential, so it ain't no usual gangster film that is s***.

"The film looks at where I grew up and shows the story of one man's struggle to survive.

"I enjoyed making it and Kim Basinger who plays my mother was dope."

For Rav readers over 35...dope means good.

W:W! + News (Chart Position) 

This is 20 singles from 75 singles in Top 75 Singles from (Sadly Westlife in #5)

But keep on going for Westlife!!!
1. Without Me - Eminem
2. Just A Little - Liberty X
3. It's OK - Atomic Kitten
4. If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating
5. Bop Bop Baby - Westlife   
6. Escape - Enrique Iglesias
7. It Takes More - Ms Dynamite
8. Reason - Ian Van Dahl
9. What's Luv - Fat Joe feat. Ashanti 
10. Kiss Kiss - Holly Valance
11. Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink
12. Here To Stay - Korn
13. One Step Closer - S Club Juniors
14. Follow Da Leader - Nigel & Marvin
15. In My Eyes - Milk Inc
16. Freak Like Me - Sugababes
17. Come Back - Jessica Garlick
18. Oh Baby - Rhianna
19. How You Remind Me - Nickelback
20. Starbucks - A


 UPDATED : May 26, 2002

Bop Bop Baby #5 

WILL someone please take BRYAN McFADDEN's crayons away for the sake of the future of WESTLIFE. The boy band's new single, Bop Bop Baby, is limping to No5 in this week's chart. Bryan helped pen the tune for wife KERRY KATONA but it is their worst-ever chart entry.

Live Celeb Soccer Cams! 

From 11:00 AM BST on Sunday you will be able to tune into live coverage of the annual celebrity football fundraiser which this year features Rod Stewart, Westlife, Ant & Dec and more.


We're linking up with our friends at BTopenworld to webcast the star-studded sporting event and bring you interviews with all the celebrity footballers.

Watch out for some friendly, and not so friendly, rivalries between old foes including Damon Albarn versus Oasis and Popstars winners Hear'Say versus the runners-up Liberty X. It's also a battle of the boybands between heavy weights Westlife and Blue squaring up to a1 and 3SL on the pitch.

Toploader, Mis-Teeq, Goldie, Bellefire will also be among the stars showing off their skills.

A dotmusic-sponsored stage on the pitch will feature unsigned bands playing throughout he day and following the event, we'll be showing all the highlights.

There will be special events throughout the day, like 'Celebrity Penalties' and 'Fastest Man In Pop'.

The first round of games starts at 11.00am with the quarterfinals at 3.00pm, the semi-finals at 4.15pm and the final at 5.30.


Click here to search eBay for Blue, Atomic Kitten, Oasis, Blur, Westlife, Rod Stewart

New Album! 

On Wednesday's Blue Peter, Westlife revealed that their next album
will be an album of duets with other celebrities! Kian said 'We will
be singing a duet with Lulu, which will be featured on our new album,
but not with Danny Osmond or Vinnie Jones as rumours have suggested.'

The band also abolished rumours of a break-up. Nicky Byrne
said, 'There have been rumours of a split going round for a long
time, but it's all rubbish. We'll keep going for a long time yet.'

Westlife on CiTV Today 

The boys will be taking some time out from their World Tour on Friday afternoon to pop in on the CiTV studios! You can catch them between 3.20-5.00pm on ITV1 today! Don't forget to tune in as there will be a chance to pose your questions to them!


UPDATED : May 23, 2002

Bry And Kerry United 

HERE is the picture that shows BRYAN McFADDEN and his wife KERRY KATONA have put their troubles behind them.

It is the first time the couple have been seen together since revelations about Bryan bedding a lap dancer on his stag night.

The WESTLIFE singer made sure he did a close marking job on Kerry when he took part in a charity football match yesterday.

Kerry said: “It’s great watching the football. Bryan is a pretty good player.”

The charity six-a-side tournament at Liverpool’s Anfield featured oldie footballers and young stars of TV and pop.


Added Tour Date 

The band have added an outdoor date in Kerry to their ‘World of Our Own’ world tour.
They will play as part of Killarney’s Summerfest event.
Tickets are on sale at present but they are set to sell out quickly so get your skates on!
The concert will take place on Friday, June 28, in the Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney.
Latest pop band Six will support them.

Westlife Savage Pop Rivals 

Bryan McFadden has declared that Westlife are an "above average" band
and claimed their defunct pop rivals, Steps, Five and Boyzone, weren't
very talented.
Speaking to Q magazine, the outspoken singer boasted: "It's pretty
obvious that we are above average. I would never try to convince you
that Westlife is a credible band, but we do have a talent - and that
talent is singing. All those other bands - Steps, Five, Boyzone - split
up because they were never any good, but also because they hated each
other. Boyzone was a perfect case in point: Ronan had the voice, the
personality, the looks. No wonder there was tension - the others
couldn't compete. In Westlife, we can all sing and we all have the

Meanwhile, Bryan's Westlife bandmate Kian Egan has said he's "f******
sick" of people thinking that they're are just another pop band and even
compared his outfit to rockers-du-jour, The Strokes. "I'm a rock fan. I
listen to Metallica and Faith No More. I play a mean electric guitar,"
Kian revealed, adding, "When people come to see us in concert, they
leave pleasantly surprised. Watch us tonight, and you'll realise that
it's not just The Strokes who put on a good show." Westlife's new
single, Bop Bop Baby, is out now.

Westlife To Miss No.1?

Yahoo! Music

Could Westlife's chart-topping luck finally have run out?
According to unconfirmed reports, it's believed that the sales of the
Irish boyband's current single, Bop Bop Baby, may give the lads their
lowest position yet, which will see them missing out the top spot for
the second time in their three-year career.

The last time Shane Filan and the boys failed to top the charts was at
Christmas 2000, when their What Makes A Man single was overtaken by Bob
The Builder's Can We Fix It.

However, while HMV's PR man, Gennaro Castaldo, was unable to discuss
actual sales, due to recent industry restrictions which aim to keep the
UK's midweek figures top secret, he did predict that both Westlife and
Eminem would fare well on the chart come May 26th. "Westlife usually
sell around 100, 000 in their first week which is enough to give them a
No.1," Castaldo told us, adding, "but with the expectation of Eminem's
release, he could beat them to it."

Westlife ' Bop Bop Baby'

Radio One

Brian eh. He might well be the chump but let's face it
- Westlife have become a bit more interesting since he
started playing up. Firstly, there were the stories
about his marriage. Earlier this year his
well-reported 'discussions' at the Brit Awards with
Simon Cowell and now the rumours that he has been
managing an as-yet unsigned rawk band.

And here's another Westlife single. It's a fast one.
Astonishingly in this video they are dressed as
swashbuckling prisoners who have to fight Vinnie
Jones. I've no idea what's going on - or why, but
still, 11th no.1 for Westlife unless Eminem beats 'em!

Eminem 'Without Me'

Radio One

In one week Westlife and Eminem singles! It's like a
battle between good and evil. 'Without You' is the
lead single from Eminem's third album due next week
called 'The Eminem Show'. His last album 'The Marshall
Mathers LP' sold over 2 million copies in the UK
alone, so in a very real way Eminem could well deprive
the 'Life of their 11th no.1. The single is very
Eminem - trademark self-references and cartoon-ish
humour and imagery. Not to mention him 'dissing' the
likes of Moby. Eminem is very smart and this is ace.
The bets are on.

Win Fan-O-Mania! 

We've got a great new competition running on the site right now.

We have 10 copies of the Fan-o-mania game to give away plus in addition we
also have  four pairs of tickets to go and see Westlife when they play Earls
Court as a bonus prize for four lucky winners. One pair of tickets for the
shows on 28th,29th,30th and 31st May at Earls Court are available. Please
note these tickets are NOT meet and greet tickets. To be in with a chance of
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specify whether they would prefer PC or PSX version. Winners of the tickets
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Another Westlife Duet? 

OK, so yesterday we reported the rumours about Westlife teaming up with
Vinnie Jones for a Christmas single. Well, today's 'Daily Star' says the
guys are getting together with 70's singing sensation Donny Osmond.

If the reports are true, they'll record a song originally made famous by
Donny, called 'Crazy Horses'. What's more, there's hope of a Westlife TV
special, 'An Audience With Westlife', and they'll perform the track on the
show with Donny.

All this talk of duets, TV shows and new albums is making us dizzy! And,
'Bop Bop Baby' hits the shops on Monday. What a great time to be a Westlife

W:W! news + (Westlife And Lulu's Full Version)

You can download the full version of Westlife and Lulu's single at


UPDATED : May 16, 2002

Get Ready To 'Bop Bop Baby' just got an exclusive peek at the new Westlife single, 'Bop Bop
Baby'. Not only are the guys looking super hot on the cover, brandishing
their swords, ready to swing into action, (Shane, Nicky and Mark are looking
a bit stubbly - phwoar!!) but there's also a brand new track on there,
called 'You Don't Know', which is just brilliant!

It's a beautiful piano-led ballad, which the guys wrote themselves. They
should be very proud of the song, too. There wasn't a dry eye in the house
once we'd finished listening to it! Also on the CD is a great remix of
'Imaginary Diva' (we know how much Westlife themselves love that track!) and
the video for 'Bop Bop Baby' to play on your computer.

If all that's not enough, there are going to be two CDs available, and we
can tell you exclusively what's on the second disc. There's a poster, a
remix of 'Bop Bop Baby' and an interview with Westlife themselves, to play
on your computer. 'Bop Bop Baby' hits the stores next Monday, 20th May.
Fingers crossed it'll be number one the following Sunday!

2 Cover Pics Of 'Bop Bop Baby'


Westlife Fan-O-Mania Out Soon! 

'Westlife Fan-o-mania' the amazing computer game for the Playstation and PC
is finally coming out later this month.

The game has been developed with the close co-operation of the band and
features hundreds of poptastic Westlife trivia quiz questions.

You'll find questions about the lads' music, videos, lives and loves as well
as exclusive, never before seen footage of the boys themselves.

The game is hosted by Tara, an animated hostess, who guides you around five
different sections of Westlife's virtual lives including The Tour Bus, The
Recording Studio, On Location, Live and Back at the Hotel. The PC version
also features a printable image gallery. You can also play your mates in a
multiplayer option and if you get all the correct answers you'll get to
unlock an exclusive video interview with you on the guys.

The PC version is released May 24th and the Playstation 1 version is out on
June 14th.

Watch out for some exclusive competitions on and Westlife
Platinum to win copies of the game and tickets to see Westlife live coming

Westlife Facts You Might Not Know 

The latest issue of 'Smash Hits' magazine is absolutely full of
amazing Westlife facts. For example, did you know..?

Nicky swears by Lucozade Sport (as if he's not bubbly enough!), Kian
likes to have his Porsche and his Playstation (he knows how to press
all the right buttons), Shane has to have honey (we think he's sweet
enough) and doting daddy Bryan likes to have his bonny baby by his

Oh, and if you've ever wonderered what makes Bryan so cute and
cuddly, his favorite dinner is steak, mashed potato and baked beans!
Go on Bryan, tuck in!

More Westlife And Vinnie? 

Fresh from the success of teaming up with Westlife on the 'Bop Bop Baby'
video, rumours are rife that Vinnie Jones is about to join the guys again,
and this time, he's going to sing!

If the rumours are to be believed, they're getting together for a Christmas
single. The song they'll all be singing is the 70's disco classic 'Dance To
The Music', originally by Sly And The Family Stone.

The story appeared in 'The Sun' newspaper, who said there's also talk of an
album of duets, featuring Westlife singing with some famous celebrities,
including Billie Piper and Denise Van Outen. As soon as we know more, we'll
let you know.

Westlife And Vinnie To Have A Song Together

VINNIE JONES is teaming up with WESTLIFE to release a Christmas

The former football star will cover Dance To The Music by 1970s soul

It will be the first single off an album of duets where Vinnie sings

The unlikely pairing came after Vinnie starred in Westlife's video
for single Bop Bop Baby.

His manager told me: "They got talking about it during the video.
Westlife are up for it and Vinnie can't wait. Let's just say he's got
a very unique voice."

A source close to Westlife said: "The lads had a right laugh with
Vinnie and reckon they're on for another Christmas No1."

Party In The Park Line Up Announced 

Party In The Park 2002 returns on Sunday 7th July 2002 and promises to be
another incredible pop extravaganza with Enrique Iglesias and Sophie Ellis
Bextor signed up to perform! As revealed this morning on 95.8 Capital FM by
Chris Tarrant, Enrique and Sophie are amongst the ten acts who have already
taken their place in this year's star-studded line-up and the full list so
far includes;
Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Blue, Darren Hayes, Shaggy
and Rayvon, Westlife, Natalie Imbruglia, Mis-Teeq and The Lighthouse Family.

From Westlife


Dear Westlifer

We just wanted to let you know the really exciting news that we're going to be doing a signing next Thursday 23rd May at The Virgin Megastore, 96-98 Corporation Street in Birmingham, to celebrate the release of our new single 'Bop Bop Baby' which is out in the stores on Monday.

It's been ages since we have had a chance to do a major signing outside of London, so we're really looking forward to seeing loads of you down at The Virgin Megastore. It's the same Virgin Megastore that we signed at for our Coast To Coast extravaganza. That was an amazing day which we'll never forget, with an amazing turn out by our fans, so we expect to see some of the same faces plus hopefully some new ones next week!!

The signing is happening between 12 - 2pm and you will need a ticket to get in. To get your hands on a ticket either enter the competitions currently running on or Westlife Platinum before 12 noon (BST) on Monday 20th May. Winners will be notified by email and will need to collect their tickets from the customer services desk of Virgin Megastores before 6pm on Wednesday 22nd May. Its going to be a great day so make sure you come down!!

Our new single, 'Bop Bop Baby' is out next week on Monday 20th May. The song was written by Shane and Bryan and so it's a really really special track for them. If it gets to No. 1 it will be our eleventh time at the top of the UK charts which will be amazing. We've got our fingers crossed but its a really tough week so we're hoping that you're going to get behind it with your usual amount of amazing support.

Finally we want to welcome our international fans to Westlife Platinum. The site is now open to Westlife fans around the world, regardless of where they live. In addition we have also introduced a monthly membership feature so now you can sign up to get Westlife Platinum for only £1.99 for a month's membership!!

Anyhow we hope to see you next week in Birmingham or on tour.  Watch out for a special Bop Bop Baby ecard coming to your inbox soon.

Thanks for all your support.



Nicky Injury Arm Pic


Here it is the pic of Nicky's injury arm :


UPDATED : May 14, 2002

Ronan Offers Westlife Advice


Ronan Keating says that pop music just isn't as good as it was, and
thinks that Westlife are currently the ones flying the flag for the
much-criticised genre.

"Pop isn't as good as it used to be." he told us recently. "Back in
the 90's, Take That were a fantastic pop band. And when you look at
the 80's pop movement like Duran Duran, they had great pop songs. I
think the whole Pop Idol stuff has diluted what we do. A lot of
people say my stuff is not great but I think they're good pop songs."

While Ronan's not been shy about what he thinks about groups like
Hear'Say, he only has nice things to say about Westlife, the band he
managed in name only. "I like Westlife. I like what they're doing, I
think they make great pop records. They're talented. Bryan's a great
songwriter. Bop Bop Baby's a great pop song."

With three years of massive success behind them, it doesn't look like
the 'Life are nearing the end of their career just yet. But Ronan,
who broke up Boyzone while they were still scoring No. 1s, has some
advice for Shane, Bryan, Nicky, Kian and Mark:
"The best thing for any band is to end on top, it's sad to see any
band fade away, but it's up to them. As long as they keep bringing
out good records, there'll always be people to buy those records."

Ronan's album Destination is released on May 20th.

Nicky Cracks A Bone In His Left Wrist 

FOOTIE-mad Nicky Byrne of Westlife came a cropper on Friday.

Having a kickabout with the band, the 23-year-old - once trainee
goalkeeper at Leeds United - slipped on a patch of oil and fell badly
on his hand.

Like a trouper he did the Glasgow show regardless but, in agony the
next day, he went for an X-ray and doctors discovered he had cracked
a bone in his left wrist.

Nicky joked: "I'm still available for the Irish squad. I'll be fit in

W:W! News + (Win Westlife Tickets!) 

Win tickets see Westlife at this year’s charity ‘soccer six’ extravaganza


UPDATED : May 12, 2002

Westlife Take Part In Liverpool Soccer Six


POP superstars Westlife are to play a charity football match in

The Irish heart-throbs are set to take part in the Music Industry
Soccer Six at Anfield on May 19.

And they'll have a trump card in singer Nicky, who was a Leeds United
apprentice and youth team goalkeeper.

The star-studded event aims to raise money for Liverpool Samaritans,
and is backed by Mersey TV, Radio City, the Liverpool ECHO and Daily
Post, Channel One and Radio Merseyside.

For the past eight years the soccer six event has raised thousands
for charity but this is the first year it has taken place on

Westlife confirmed that they would take part as the match coincides
with their concerts at the Manchester Arena.

The 2001 Soccer Six champions, TV personalities Ant and Dec, are
apparently already in training to defend their title.

The dynamic duo are likely to face stiff opposition from the other
teams, including pop band Blur, Dane Bowers, and former Liverpool
footballers Ian Rush and John Barnes.

Mersey TV is fielding several teams of Hollyoaks and Brookside boys
and girls - including Jennifer Ellison, Suzanne Collins, Elize du
Toit and Paul Byatt.

Tickets for the day are £10, plus £1 booking fee, from the Radio City
ticketline on 0151-256 5555.

Soccer Six


Westlife & Blue have confirmed to join Ant & Dec's team on this year's Soccer Six for both dates - Sunday, May 19, 2002 in Anfield, Liverpool and Sunday, May 26, 2002 in Stamford Bridge, London.

For tickets, you can call 0870 602 1145 or just go to 

Busy 'Life


Shane Westlife is going to miss his girlfriend's birthday because he's so busy with the
Lifers' Uk Tour. 

"It's Gillian's birthday next Wednesday, but I won't be able to see her cos we'll be
away," the lush lad told us. "I'm home on Monday though, so maybe I'll do something then!" 

Shane also confess that he can't decide what to buy Gillian as a birthday gift. "I've got her loads of little things,
but I don't know what to get her as a main present," he said. Lucky gal! 

Shane also want the put an end to the rumours that he and Gillian have moved in with fellow Lifer Kian. "The three of us all live at home with our parents, so there's no funny business going on there! Phew...

Lulu's Track Listings


(20 May, 2002) 

Track Listings 
1. Teardrops - Lulu and Elton John
2. Shame Shame Shame - Lulu and Atomic Kitten
3. Inside Thing (Let 'Em In - Lulu and Paul McCartney
4. We've Got Tonight - Lulu and Ronan Keating
5. Sail On Sailor - Lulu and Sting
6. Back At One - Lulu and Westlife
7. To Sir With Love - Lulu and Samantha Mumba
8. With You I'm Born Again - Lulu and Marti Pellow
9. The Prayer - Lulu and Russell Watson
10. Reunited - Lulu and Cliff Richard
11. I'm Back For More - Lulu and Bobby Womack
12. Now That The Magic Has Gone - Lulu and Joe Cocker
13. Phunk Phoolin - Lulu and Kerphunk
14. Relight My Fire - Lulu and Take That

Kids Disney Awards Nominations Announced


The nominations for the Disney Channel Kids Awards have been

Among those receiving nods in the 11 categories, which include Best
Male Group / Artist, Best Villain and Best Food (!!!), are some of
the finest pop acts around such as a1, Westlife, Will Young, Gareth
Gates, Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Sugababes, Atomic Kitten,
Liberty X, Gorillaz, Artful Dodger, Daniel Bedingfield, Blue, H &
Claire, 3SL, S Club Juniors, David Beckham and Michael Owen.

Among the stars who turned out to watch the announcement take place
at London's Pascha club in Victoria were H & Claire and Liberty X,
who also performed their latest singles on stage.

Meanwhile, the likes of allSTARS, 3SL and Mis-Teeq could be found
milling around as their names were listed in the various categories
including Best Newcomers and Best Dance Act.

Organisers of the event also announced that the Disney show Star
Ticket will spend the summer looking for a group of young children to
form a band to play at the Awards. By calling 0870 780 2890, children
between 9 - 14 can register to take part in a series of workshops in
which they will be put their paces with a voice coach and
choreographer. Once the thousands of entries have been whittled down
to five, the band will be given a name by viewers and will perform
live on the show which takes place on October 12th at London's
Docklands Arena.

The full list of nominations are:

Best Male Group / Artist
Sum 41
Gareth Gates
Will Young

Best Female Group / Artist
Kylie Minogue
Atomic Kitten
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Samantha Mumba
Christina Milian

Act Of The Year
S Club
Britney Spears

Best Dance Act
Artful Dodger
Liberty X
Daniel Bedingfield
Ian Van Dahl
DJ Luck & MC Neat

Best Newcomer
H & Claire
Omera Mumba
Kym Marsh
Holly Valance
S Club Juniors
Michelle Branch

Best Footballer
Graeme Le Saux
David Beckham
Michael Owen
Thierry Henry
Ruud van Nistelrooy
Henrik Larsson
Robert Pires

Favourite TV Star
Lee Hunter (Hollyoaks)
Zoe Slater (EastEnders)
Cat Deeley (CD:UK)
Ant & Dec (Pop Idol)
Davina McCall (Big Brother)
Jamie Oliver (Naked Chef)
Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright)

Best Villain
Saruman (Lord Of The Rings)
Voldermort (Harry Potter)
Randall (Monsters Inc.)
Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
Simon Cowell (Pop Idol)
Anne Robinson (Weakest Link)
Miss Finster (Recess)

Best Film
Monsters Inc
Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone
Lord Of The Rings
Men in Black 2
Star Wars - Attack Of The Clones
Ice Age

Best Disney Channel Programme
Two Of A Kind
Lizzie McGuire
Proud Family
Mascot Cup
Star Ticket
Home Improvement

Favourite Food
Fish & Chips
Roast Dinner
Ice Cream


UPDATED : May 11, 2002

Bellefire's Cathy Is On The Mark!


Bellefire's Cathy Newell has admitted she's dating Westlife's Mark

The Irish beauty has been on several dates with Mark after being
introduced by the man who manages them both, Louis Walsh.

Cathy said: "I do see him away from the pop scene, but I don't want
talk about it. It's private."

Westlife To Meet Birmingham Fans


Westlife are to meet 400 competition winners at Birmingham's Virgin Megastore on Thursday May 23.

They will be signing copies of their new single Bop Bop Baby, which is released on Monday May 20.

The competition is running on Birmingham radio station BRMB.

The signing will take place between 12 and 2pm.

Bop Bop Baby is taken from Westlife's third LP World Of Our Own.


UPDATED : May 9, 2002

Kerry : I Love Bryan 

Happily married ... Kerry 

CHEATED-on Kerry Katona shows off her wedding ring — and tells how much she loves her hubby. 
She dismissed rumours of a split with Westlife singer Bryan McFadden, 22, despite discovering he slept with a lap dancer. 

All forgiven ... Kerry and Bryan 

The ex-Atomic Kitten, 21, flying from Heathrow to Mauritius, said: “I’m madly in love with Bryan and he is madly in love with me.”

Bryan Says His Marriage Is OK... 

Westlife star Bryan McFadden has opened his heart this week about his marriage to Kerry Katona and the current tabloid stories in circulation.

Rumours claimed that the couple were set to split-up due to the recent reports of events, which happened on Bryan's stag night, involving a lap dancer and the Westlife singer.

Speaking to from the UK where the band are currently on a sell out tour with the Irish Popstars SIX, Bryan admitted Kerry had flown to meet him after the lap dancer story was published. But there was not even one bit of truth that their marriage was in trouble.

"Myself and Kerry are more in love then ever. She did fly to the UK to see me. But, Kerry is always back and forward to me and our daughter, Molly when she is filming. We are not splitting up or anything of the sort. She has flown back now to finish her TV show in the Bahamas. After that she is going to film in Las Vegas. Then she will fly to Mauritius to finish filming. Then she is flying back to Molly and me. She will join me on tour with Westlife until we travel back to Dublin on June 6th in the Point."

The couple married in January, just over two months after Bryan's stag night when the lap dancer claimed she had sex with the star and was then paid nearly 25,000 euro to keep quiet about it.

Football's Coming Home (To A House) 

Endless art, indeed: old A House single 'Here Come The Good Times' gets brought back to life this summer when it becomes the official Irish World Cup anthem

'World In Motion' the best footie song ever? Hmm, we'll see about that!

In a welcome display of good musical taste, the FAI have confirmed A House's 'Here Come The Good Times' as the official Irish World Cup anthem.

A minor hit for the now-defunct Dublin band when it was released in 1995, the song is being re-recorded this weekend by the team, Mick McCarthy, Aslan's Christy Dignam, Westlife's Nicky Byrne, Dustin The Turkey and some "surprise guests".

Listeners to Today FM's Ray D'Arcy Show were asked to phone-in this morning and help A House singer, Dave Couse, give the lyrics a footballing flavour.

All proceeds from the single, which is due on May 10th, will go to Our Lady's Hospital For Sick Children in Crumlin.

Meanwhile, you can read Paul McGrath's thoughts on Ireland's World Cup prospects in the next issue of Hot Press, due Thursday.

It's official... Here Come The Good Times 

Altogether now...With Keane to lead us, there's nothing to
fear, This time 2002 is going to be our year.

Nos sooner had disc-spinner Ray D'Arcy given it a lash with his listener-inspired lyrics for the official Irish World Cup song, Here Come The Good Times than Sayonara Connemara comes falling onto the desk.

As catchy as your normal pop pap, listeners to D'Arcy's Today FM radio show provided the new words to an old song from Dublin band

A House. Recorded by some of Mick McCarthy's players and a scattering of, er, Irish celebrities, such as Westlife's Nicky Byrne, Aslan's Christy Dignam and Dustin the Turkey, the battle is about to commence on the airwaves before a ball is kicked in Japan.

Sayonara Connemara, says the press release, is "hailed as Ireland's most popular anthem for World Cup 2002," but D'Arcy insists that he and his team are going to make Here Come The Good Times the hit it should have been first time around. The original, written by ex-A House singer Dave Couse, failed to make the charts when released about 10 years ago.

Given the threatened bar workers strike and the fact that Ireland's matches, because of the eight-hour time difference, will be screened at lunchtime or in the morning, Here Come The Good Times may struggle to gain the exposure of other World Cup "classics" such as Italia '90-inspired Put 'Em Under Pressure and Give It A Lash Jack.

Put 'Em Under Pressure was the one with The Horslips Celtic rock intro and U2 drummer Larry Mullen's arrangement, while Give It A Lash Jack contained one or two timeless lines. Consider "Ronnie Whelan had them reelin'/The Russians had confirmed it as a fact/To ensure that they don't meet Ireland/They're trying to change the Warsaw Pact."

Here Come The Good Times will be released on May 10th with all the proceeds going to charity. Be charitable.


Here Come The Good Times

It's been a long time since the USA,

We've come this far, now we're going all the way.

With Keane to lead us, there is nothing to fear

This time 2002 is going to be our year

We all believe in the Irish team

We all believe in Mick McCarthy's dream

Here come the good times

Here come the good times

Here come the good times, Ireland, Ireland.

With the ball at our feet, we shoot, we score

This a time we'll celebrate, we'll hear the Irish roar,

We dream of goals in the Rising Sun,

An Irish name on each and every one,

Win, lose or draw, stand up for the team,

Let's make ourselves heard, let's shout, let's scream,

Here come the good times,

Here come the good times,

Here come the good times, Ireland, Ireland

It's good to hear the cheers again,

It's good to hear the cheers again,

It's good to hear the singing one more time ,

Here come the good times.....


UPDATED : May 6, 2002

Bryan Takes It On The Chin 

HERE is BRYAN McFADDEN looking like a McFATTEN in his first weighty role.

As he was....Bryan in 1995

My picture shows the singer before he hit the big time as a pop star.

Westlife’s Bryan – accused of bedding a lap dancer on his stag night – was sporting a double chin when he played a bullied fat boy in the 1995 Irish drama Finbar’s Class.

And ex-ATOMIC KITTEN Kerry squeezed herself into a highly revealing PVC suit to dance on Granada Sky’s Hot House just three years ago.

As she was ... Kerry Katona in tight PVC

The clips appear on ITV1’s The Way They Were tonight.

Meanwhile, Bryan has spoken for the first time about patching up his marriage to KERRY KATONA after the revelations that he had sex with the dancer shortly before his wedding day.

He said: “Being away is hard, especially when you’re on tour. It’s not like you can say, ‘Ok I want to come home for a week’.”

The McFadden Family 

Her immediate plans after the last filming stint in Mauritius are to "spend lots of time with Molly".

She said: "We've got to think of Molly. Westlife won't last for ever and my career won't last for ever. I'm trying to plan ahead." Ironically, Kerry gave up her role in the hugely successful girl band to launch her television career because she was fed up with the travelling.

She said: "I wasn't enjoying it any more. I was bored and I had itchy feet, but I didn't want to go solo."

Kerry eventually landed the role of presenter on the ITV1 dating show after impressing Carlton's head of entertainment Mark Wells.

She proudly said: "He really liked me - I'm the new Cilla."

And according to the show's producer John Marley, Kerry has proved an instant hit.

He said: "She's a natural. Kerry has a unique ability to get things out of the contestants by just chatting to them and asking the right questions. She's going to be a big star."

But the only subject guaranteed to bring a broad grin to her face this week is Molly whom she worships.

The baby, who is the image of Bryan, has been out to visit her three times during the making of the series in trips to Iceland, South Africa and the Bahamas.

"She's a well-travelled baby - but I couldn't have done this without seeing her," said Kerry.

"She's been with my mum, my mother-in-law or her dad so she's been well looked after.

"She's a really contented baby, always smiling, always laughing. "I'm really, really lucky with her. I'd never, ever dream of having a nanny. I want my baby to want me. As soon as this is over, I'm never leaving her like this ever again."

Kerry, who was brought up by foster parents and carers but is now reunited with her real mother, was delighted to land the title of celebrity mum of the year.

"That was the best thing I'd ever achieved in my life. I was so honoured," she said, "All I've ever wanted is a family. I'm an only child brought up in care and it's all I ever really wanted.

"The birth was amazing. Everyone says you're going to get this love from nowhere and you really have to experience it to understand it."

KERRY, who is determined to give her daughter a normal upbringing in Dublin, added: "Molly's completely changed my priorities. She comes first. I don't care about anyone else."

....Kerry's love for him shone through when she talked about his singing.

"He's fantastic, very talented," she said with pride. "He's a great singer and he wrote four songs on their new album."

...she acknowledges that her husband is also a terrific father.

"Bryan is a fantastic dad - I can't fault him on that. I can never get to push the pram, he's so proud of her."

An Emotional And Tearful Bryan Publicly Apologises To Wife Kerry


An emotional Bryan McFadden called me last night to confess his guilt
over his stag-night romp with a lapdancer.

Choking back tears, the Westlife singer wanted to publicly apologise
to new wife Kerry Katona for his "moment of madness," adding: "I'm
really sorry for what happened. I was such an idiot. Kerry and I sat
down together and talked about everything. She went mad and I don't
blame her but we've promised to put it behind us and get on with our

"I'm so lucky having Kerry and our daughter Molly. Kerry has been
very understanding and I'm so lucky to have a wife like that. I'll
never put anyone through this hurt ever again."

"We will get through this and carry on being a happy family."

I've been Bryan's close friend for more than four years and 1 was the
first journalist to know about his relationship with Kerry.

They even invited me to their wedding this year. I've never seen
Bryan so close to tears as when he sang Westlife's new single Bop Bop
Baby, which he wrote for Kerry, at Sheffield Arena this week.

He admitted: "That was the hardest performance I've ever done. When I
was singing it all I could think about was Kerry.

"I love her so much."

Westlife Duet With Lulu


Westlife have done a duet with Lulu. The track will feature on Lulu's
forth coming album called 'Together' and could possibly be released
as a single.

The lads are also likely to perform it with Lulu on 'An audience with
Lulu' on May 18th on ITV1.

Behind The Scene


MTV UK & Ireland

May 6th: 'Making The Video'; Bop Bop Baby; 5:00pm (GMT)

May 6th: 'Making The Video'; My Love; 5:30pm (GMT)

Georgina's Birthday

Happy belated birthday Georgina who celebrated it on May 4!!

UPDATED : May 4, 2002

Kian And His Girlfriend 

WA-HEY the lads – here’s WESTLIFE’s KIAN EGAN scoring with a mystery striker at a Newcastle Utd match.

Four of the boys went for the day out on Saturday. SHANE FILAN and NICKY BYRNE took girlfriends GILLIAN WALSH and GEORGINA AHERN and BRYAN McFADDEN went with a pal. But single Kian was sporting a new squeeze.

As the action dragged at Newcastle’s St James’ Park, Kian decided to make passes to his right.

One Magpies fan said: “He kept giving her a big smacker. He was doing more dribbling than the players on the pitch.”

Yesterday Kian was keen to keep the girl’s name a secret, despite necking her in front of 52,000 people. He told me: “It’s not serious.”

If you are the mystery girl or you know her, give me a call.

Bryan's Marriage On Rocks 

BRYAN McFADDEN and KERRY KATONA are on the verge of splitting up after a lap dancer claimed she bedded him on his stag night.

Former ATOMIC KITTEN singer Kerry is said to be distraught at AMY BARKER’s allegations that she was paid £15,000 to keep quite about having sex with WESTLIFE star Bryan.

The young couple have only been married four months — but pals say Kerry is now considering whether to leave Bryan.

She is working in Las Vegas on new telly dating show Elimidate and has made furious telephone calls to Bryan, who is currently in Newcastle touring with the band.

A source close to Kerry said: “She is not sure that she can trust Bryan any more.

“To be unfaithful on his stag do, when she had only just had their baby Molly does not bode well for the future of their marriage.

“Kerry has always been determined to have a real family because she had a difficult upbringing but this has shattered all her illusions.

“Bryan spouted to all and sundry about how Kerry is the love of his life and Molly has made him grow up.

“But Kerry is now beginning to wonder whether that was all empty rubbish.”

Publicly Westlife’s management are claiming Kerry is “fine” about the allegations. But pals have revealed that she is furious.

Kerry’s friend added: “She is seething and there have been some extremely angry telephone calls between Vegas and Newcastle.

He claims it was a one-off and that he was extremely drunk. She is saying if he can do it once, then he can easily do it again.

“They are apart a lot of the time and Kerry knows if she can’t trust him completely her mind will never be at rest.”

Bryan and Kerry married in January, just weeks after having their daughter Molly.

They had been dating for nearly two years although they kept their romance under wraps for almost 12 months.

When their relationship was revealed Bryan said: “Everything I plan, everything I do, revolves around Kerry.
“She is my life, full stop. Every woman pales in comparison to her.”

I CAN reveal the mystery blonde that Westlife’s KIAN EGAN was spotted smooching at a Newcastle United game on Saturday is Jessica Forsman.

The couple met more than a year ago when blonde Jessica, 26, was a dancer with the Irish lads on their Coast To Coast UK tour.

The passionate pair managed to keep the romance secret — well, until now this is.

From Hello Magazine


Trouble may be brewing in the marriage of Westlife star Bryan 
McFadden and his wife of four months, former Atomic Kitten Kerry 
Katona. At the root of the problem is an exotic dancer's claim that 
she had a tryst with the pop hunk on his stag night, just weeks 
before his ultra-romantic Irish wedding. 

Lap dancer Amy Barker also says Bryan offered her £15,000 to keep the 
encounter under wraps – and though Westlife's management says 
newlywed Kerry is "fine" about the allegations, reports indicate the 

Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper says the 21-year-old has taken time 
out from her current stint hosting the ITV1 game show Elimidate, 
which takes her to exotic locales all over the world, to fly back to 
Britain in hopes of clearing the air in her marriage. Bryan is 
currently touring England with Westlife, while Kerry has just 
finished taping the Bahamas edition of her dating show. The 
programme's crew is reportedly now in Las Vegas, the location for the 
next episode, awaiting her return. 

"So far she is giving Bryan the benefit of the doubt," a source told 
the Mirror. "But…if the stag night tales are true, Kerry doesn't feel 
she deserves to be treated like that." 

The couple married in January 2002 and have an eight-month-old 
daughter, Molly. 

Kerry's Atomic Blast


Heartbroken Kerry Katona has secretly jetted back to Britain in a 
attempt to patch up her shattered marriage to Westlife's Bryan 

TV chiefs gave 21-year-old Kerry compassionate leave so she could 
return to the UK for a furious make-or-break showdown with her 

While crew and contestants from her new show Elimidate wait for her 
to record the last part of the series in Las Vegas, the former Atomic 
Kitten singer is in Manchester demanding some serious answers from 

The Irish star found himself in big trouble at the weekend after sexy 
lap dancer Amy Barker alleged that he bedded her on his stag night 
and then offered her £15,000 not to tell anyone.

In an exciting new career turn, Kerry had been in the Bahamas filming 
an exotic episode of the show which has provided her with her first 
solo TV hosting job.

But now she is distraught. And if it all goes wrong with the so-far 
silent McFadden she fears she'll be left to bring up their seven-
month-old daughter Molly alone.

Blonde Kerry and Bryan, 22, were married just four months ago. But 
we're told she is ready to throw in the towel if the Westlife boy has 
been unfaithful.

3am's perfectly-placed source told us: "Bryan is trying to shrug off 
the lap dancer's story as a load of nonsense. But Kerry's not stupid -
and she is furious. So far she is giving him the benefit of the 

"But if his answers don't add up Kerry is ready to walk.

"If the stag-night tales are true, Kerry doesn't feel she deserves to 
be treated like that.

"And, trust me, she is not the kind of girl who'll put up with this 
sort of nonsense."

Lovely blonde Amy claimed she and Bryan romped between the sheets as 
the, er... climax to his wild stag night in Limerick.

Just a few weeks later Bryan wed his Kitten in a glitzy ceremony in 
nearby County Meath, Irish Republic.

The couple picked up £300,000 from Hello! magazine for exclusive 
coverage. Sadly, the mag doesn't pay for divorces so there'll be no 
money in their split.

Only last month Kerry was waxing lyrical about her desire to have 
more children. "It would be great to give Molly a brother or sister," 
she said.

Now the big question is: with whom? 

Bryan McFadden Close To Tears


BRYAN McFADDEN was close to tears on stage in Newcastle while 
performing Bop Bop Baby, a song he wrote for wife KERRY KATONA. 
I told yesterday how the WESTLIFE singer's marriage was on the rocks 
over claims he slept with a lap dancer. 

An onlooker told me: "You could see Bryan was trying hard to hold 
back the tears. 

Kerry Stands By Her Man!


Pop babe Kerry Katona has vowed to stand by her cheating Westlife 
husband Bryan McFadden, the blonde star's mum says. 

Boy band boozer McFadden, 22, was exposed after enjoying a sex romp 
with buxom lap dancer Amy Barker on his stag night. 

Kerry, 21, is said to have been at home nursing the couple's baby 
daughter, Molly, when he had sex in a Limerick hotel bedroom with the 
lap dancer. 

The former Atomic Kitten was so furious at her new husband's deceit 
that she had decided to leave him. 

But Kerry's mother Susan Katona has told how the couple are patching 
up their differences and have pledged to stay together. 

Speaking from her home in Warrington, Cheshire, Susan Katona 
said: "They are together and that is the way they are going to stay. 

"This talk about them splitting up is completely wrong. 

"Kerry is feeling fine and Molly is being looked after by Bryan's 
parents in Ireland. 

"Kerry has been away, but I spoke to her and she does not have any 
problems she can't handle." 

Kian Turns Now...


WESTLIFE star Kian Egan took his eye off the ball when this blonde 
beauty netted a kiss at Newcastle United's ground. 
The singer, who is 22 today, gave the mystery admirer a peck when 
they met in the director's box at St James's Park on Saturday 

A source close to the group yesterday said that they were just 
friends adding: "They bumped into each other at the match and were 
obviously happy to meet again. 
"But it's not a relationship. The band were just out for the day to 
watch a bit of football after performing the night before at 
Newcastle Arena." 

Kian has dated many beautiful women but admitted he has yet to find 
true love. 
He has said: "It's hard to settle down when you're always on tour. 
I'm just going to wait for the right person and not rush things." 

Westlife Watch: Kian Helps Six’s Sinéad Keep Feet On Ground 

Six band member Sinead Sheppard fondly remembers when Kian Egan from Westlife sat in on their auditions for the band.
Now she is supporting them on their world tour and she speaks exclusively to the Weekender on supporting the hottest band in pop.

“The Westlife lads are really looking after us and making sure we aren’t too nervous.
“They really are the most down to earth guys you could ever hope to meet, especially considering everything they’ve done in music.
“We were reminded of that again while we were playing at the Odyssey in Belfast.”
Westlife played five gigs in Belfast. All were sold out well in advance.

Sinead continues: “At the end of the fifth night on Sunday we went out with the lads and the other guys who are with us on the tour.
“Louis Walsh was there as well and we were all in a part of the club that had been set aside especially for us.
“But he brought some fans into the room to meet us and the lads.
“Westlife were only too happy to spend time with the fans who couldn’t believe their luck but Louis and Westlife are like that.
“It’s a real lesson in how to not let fame go to your head.
“All the way through the process they’ve been there for us, with Kian Egan even turning up for the auditions when there were still thousands of us hoping to get into the band.
“I think everyone who went to the auditions when they were there benefitted in some way, seeing someone who had been through the whole process but who were still prepared to go back to the beginning and help people who were trying to start out for themselves.
“Hopefully we will be able to do the same kind of things as we get more established.
Both myself and fellow Six band member Emma O’Driscoll injured ourselves rehearsing the intense dance routines for our tour with Westlife.

But as you know, the show must go on and just to make sure, we’ve been seeing Niall Quinn’s physiotherapist Gordon Ellis, who’s been coming to our hotel here in Newcastle. It’s just a case of stretching right and taking the right amount of rest, not doing anything too strenuous before the gig that night.
I know Emma said that she would carry on even if her leg had fallen off and all of us feel the same.
The band have now taken the tour to Newcastle but will be back in Ireland to perform for their sell out tour in The Point in Dublin later in the summer.

W:W! news : Bop Bop Baby Tracklist

UK Tracklists

1. Bop Bop Baby (Single Remix) 
2. You Don't Know 
3. Imaginary Diva (Orphanz Remix) 
4. Bop Bop Baby (Video) 

1. Bop Bop Baby (Single Remix) 
2. Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Mix) 
3. Band Interviews (Video) 
German Tracklist

1. Bop Bop Baby (Single Remix) 4:28 
2. Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Radio Edit) 3:51 
3. Bad Girls (Not yet released in Germany)
4. CD-Rom Part with VideoCaps and TVCaps

Cowell Determined To Make Sure Westlife Get To Number 1!


QUITE a storm appears to be brewing in Pop Idol world between Simon 
Cowell and his friend and arch rival Simon Fuller. 

We hear BMG boss Cowell, who manages Westlife is desperate to move 
the release date of the band's new single Bop Bop Baby to avoid a 
clash with chart rivals Eminem and Atomic Kitten. 

It's the first single they've penned themselves and Cowell wants to 
pull out all the stops to make sure it goes straight to No. 1. 
However, that means Westlife would then be up against Pop Idol winner 
Will Young's second single Light My Fire, (managed by Mr Fuller). 

Our source explains: "This is real tug-of-war stuff and neither is 
willing to give an inch. The powers that be are still deciding on 
which course of action to take. Obviously the band is desperate for 
another No. 1 single but the competition has never been so hot." 

Let the heavyweight battle commence. 

Westlife At Oxford & 

We already know Westlife are the smartest bunch of guys around, but now even Oxford University agree! According to a report in The Sun newspaper today, Shane, Nicky, Bryan, Mark and Kian will be appearing at the Oxford Union, as guests of their debating society.

The lads will talk about life in the group before answering students’ questions.

The fivesome will be quizzed by university members on what it's like being in the greatest pop group ever! It's not the first time music stars have appeared at the Oxford Union - Michael Jackson and Jon Bon Jovi have been guests in the past, too.

It just goes to show what massive, lovely stars Westlife are!

Westlife Live The Richlife!


The lads earn millions from album roylaties, sponsership deals, and 
TV appearences and sell out tours and are always keen to live the 
high life. Here's how they spend their dosh….

Shane's currently having a luxury home built in Carrowroe, a posh 
area of Sligo, in Ireland. The pad will have a music room, spiral 
staircase, and private gym, snooker room and a sauna. He's even built 
a huge wall around the land to keep unwanted visitors away.

Cost: A cool £1 million

Once for Bryan and Kian's joint birthday bash they hired the 
Penthouse suite of an LA hotel and partied with 20 crates of 
champers, live entertainment and £100 – a - head meals. In addition 
£5000 worth of Guiness was flown in from Dublin for the bash, which 
was attended by glam stars including Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston 
and P.Diddy.

Cost: £30,000

On a visit to posh Dublin store Brown Thomas, the `Life' went on a 
mega-spending spree. Shane spent more than £20,000 on Gucci goods for 
his girlie Gillian. Bryan bought more than £5,000 of baby clothes for 
daughter Molly and Kian blew £20,000 – plus on togs – plus £10,000 on 
shoes! And Mark wouldn't even say how much he spent!

Cost: £250,000

Kian zips around Sligo in his £57,000 silver Porsche Boxter. Bryan 
has a green version and Nicky splashed out on a BMW 3 series worth 
£50,000. Shane owns a £40,000 Mitsubushi jeep. Vroom!

Total Amount Spashed out: £1.5 Million.

Louis Looking For The Next Westlife... is asking our readers if you fancy being part of the next Westlife or Boyzone?

Well if so you can audition for some of the industry's biggest names and perhaps be a part of the next Irish boyband.

Auditions will be held for Ireland's next international boy band on May 11th in the POD, Dublin starting at 11am.

A panel of Judges including Louis Walsh, Boyzone/Westlife Producer Ray Hedges, 2FM's Tony Fenton and singer Hazel Kaneswaran have been gathered together to select members for this new and exciting project.

Whereas Irish Popstars SIX was a mixed group, the lineup for the new band will be all male. Those auditioning must be aged between 18 and 24 and will be required to sing, without accompaniment, one of the following songs:

Ray Hedges, who has produced some of the biggest names in the business, is flying in for the auditions, and will produce the new act.

"Ireland has an undisputed track record for great pop acts and we feel the time is right for a new boy band", says Ray, "apart from great singers, there is also a great sense of character from Irish groups and that is an important part of their success."

Having produced such hit acts as Boyzone, Westlife and B*Witched he should know.

Louis Walsh shares Hedges enthusiasm for the group and will be acting as a consultant to the project. "I know there's another great group out there", enthuses Louis, "and this band will be the next big boy band from Ireland."

"This group will have the best opportunities available to a new group", says Manager Dermot McEvoy. "Already we have fantastic songs, a top producer and a great agent. They even have their first major concert booked for later in the Summer".


Our Fruity Fellas 

Westlife announced that they use the same plum potion as pint-sized
popstar, Kylie. During the current 'World Of Our Own' tour, Bryan suffered
from a sore throat. He had a dose of the wonder plums and was back on stage
with the fruity five the very next day!

W:W! news + (Nicky Falls On Stage)

Yup! After Shane falls on stage, Nicky fell onstage too! On April 28th! 

If you want to see the pic, you can join


UPDATED : April 29, 2002

Germany Tour Gossip

A lot of you may not have been the first time at a Westlife concert -
but not under these  circumstances ... In Munich (Olympiahalle) could
the videocube not be hanging over the stage, as the head of the hall
can only carry 27 tons. Because of that the people being at the concert
had to wait longer before the guys performed Uptown girl as normally
you could see them changing their clothes on that videocube.

In Berlin everthing could be hanging over the stage, but the blanket
was that deep, that Westlife were hanging at very short robe so that
the special effect wasn't that effective.

In Kiel there were really bad problems with the video stuff so that
the fans had to wait about 90  minutes longer than planned.

All concerts started with the effect that five globes were opening in
the Air and the  five came out hanging at robes and slowly coming on
All? No, in Munich only four guys appeared on stage and sang the
first song World Of Our Own. We all were afraid that something could
have happened. Shane's girlfriend had been arriving only 15 minutes
ago and now he wasn't there. Then Bryan ask if somebody had seen Shane
and you could see, that one globe was still closed. Shane had sang
the song from inside the globe but before they sang the second title
he got outta there. Well, it is live but Kian was pretty angry about

Wild Westlife


Sat 4 May, 23:00 - 00:00 60 mins.
Go behind the scenes of the boy band's three month tour to Brazil, Paris and Amsterdam and share their highs and lows as they promote their new album.

Band's Fans Aid Charity

Boyband Westlife have given permission for the British Lung Foundation to make collections at all five of their concerts at Newcastle's Telewest Arena in aid of the charity.

The first collection on Thursday night raised almost £400 for the charity and there are two remaining concerts tonight and tomorrow.

Mark Gets Touchy With Kathy From Bellefire


There's a story that Mark and Kathy Nowell (Bellefire) getting close or something. Maybe you want to know.

Kiss And Tell The Bryan & The Lapdancer Story


WESTLIFE star Bryan McFadden had sex with a lap dancer on his stag night and then gave her a £15,000 pay-off to silence her, the Sunday People can reveal.
The singer with the world’s most famous boy band used beautiful Amy Barker to satisfy his drunken lust while his bride-to-be Kerry Katona was at home nursing their baby daughter Molly.

Multi-millionaire Bryan, 22, who has frequently boasted of his love for and devotion to Kerry and his baby, then begged Amy to keep quiet to save his forthcoming marriage – one of the most high-profile in the pop world – and to protect the band’s squeaky-clean image.

The dancer was then offered and signed a £15,000 gagging contract agreeing to forget “information pertaining to the activities and conduct of Bryan McFadden She was later appalled by the hypocrisy of a massive photo-spread in Hello! magazine of Mc-Fadden’s marriage in which he declared his love and devotion to his bride.
She has remained disgusted ever since – so now she has defied the shameful contract and spo-ken exclusively to the Sunday People to expose McFadden’s squalid secret.
Amy, 28, told how the star:
=GROOPED her as she gyrated her 32DD curves inches from his face.
=BARGED into her hotel room demanding a private dance.
=BEDDED her while his friend was in the next room.
=IGNORED the lap-dancer after his drunken three-minute sex session.
=WATCHED as Amy wept while one of his friends grilled her about whether she’d keep quiet or not. -

Nine weeks later McFadden married former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry, 21, in a fairytale ceremony in front of 240 guests in County Meath, Ireland. Hypocrite
Amy said last night: “Bryan is a hypocrite and people need to know. I saw his wedding pictures in Hello and he claimed to love Kerry more than life itself.
“Well, Kerry wasn’t on his mind when he had sex with me.”

Mum-of-two Amy, from Wakefield, West Yorks, was hired with another lap dancer to entertain Westlife on a coach trip from Dublin to Limerick on October 28 last year.
McFadden and co-stars Bryan, Cian, Shane and Mark, were travelliv g with 40 friends including singer Dane Bowers to Lapello’s club in Limerick for McFudden’s stag party. Fifth member Nick met them later.
The booze was flowing on the coach and soon the revellers were chanting “Get ’em off”’.
So Amy stripped naked and began dancing to music blasting over the bus sound system. So Amy stripped naked and began dancing to music blasting over the bus sound system.
Amy chose McFadden for her first dance and squeezed in front of his seat.

She said: “Bryan got very touchy and suggestive. I had to keep rvarning him to keep his hands to himself; ”
The journey lasted more than five hours and both girls continued to lapdance for the revellers. McFadden tried to keep Amy all to himself.
With no regard for his im-pending marriage vows he made repeated lev,d comments about her figure.

At around 7pm the bus arrived at Jury’p hotel in Limerick and Amy and other dancers were shown to their room. The West-life entourage took up the whole top floor. Amy had just got out of the bath when she heard a knock on her room door.
Dressed in only a small towel she opened it and Bryan stumbled in, barely able to stand, accompanied by a friend.

She says: “His mate said Bryan had come for a private dance. I said private dances were not allowed and I would dance for them later in the club.
“His mate then said, ‘We’ll be where we want. We are God in Ireland’. He rang one of the club bosses and thrust the phone to my ear. I was told, ‘It’s Bryan’s stag do. Do as you’re told’.”
Amy reluctantly agreed to dance and donned a set of pink underwear while his mate and the other girls disappeared into an-other room.


She says: “Bryan was really touchy. His hands were every-where. I felt very pressured and went on auto-pilot.
“He then fell backwards on to the bed and pulled me down on him. I still had my underwear on.
“Bryan was asking me to do things. He made it clear he wanted me to have sex. I pulled myself up off him but he pulled
me on him again. He didn’t take his clothes off. I did what he asked me to do. I don’t know why now, but I agreed, proba-bly because of who he was.
“We started off having sex and after about a minute 1 pulled away and performed a sex act on him.
“I didn’t enjoy it and it was over in three minutes. He was only concerned about his own needs.
“There was no feeling to it. When it finished he got up, didn’t look at me, didn’t say a word and walked out."
Amp sat in fhe darkened room e lose to tears wife shoal and regret at ivhaf had just happened.
Despite her feelings of disgust, Amy had to work in Lapello’s for McFadden’s party.
She tried to avoid him but was 
ordered by one of the club bosses to join the star. By now McFadden’s manner had changed completely.
Amy says: “Bryan said, ‘I am so, so sorry for what I did ear-lier. I have never done it before and I will never do it again. I’ve never cheated on Kerry. This is so important that nobody gets to know'.
“Bryan was begging me not to tell anyone. I told him I didn’t even want to think about it.
“He kept saying over and over again, ‘I’ve just had a baby, I will never get to see her. You'll take all that away from me if you tell anyone. Kerry won’t marry me’. I started to get very upset but 

F11 he was concerned about was whether I was going to tell.”
Amy was about to leave the club when she v as summoned to a secret meeting upstairs. She walked into the dimly-lit room to find eight bodyguards, McFadden and two friends.
Amy says: “I was immediately asked if I was going to tell any-one. Bryan was sat on a stool staring, keeping quiet.
“I started sobbing but his friend kept on and on at me. All I kept saying was, ‘I want to go home’.
“Bryan told them all to leave me and him alone. Then I got the same thing from him but he promised to get me on a plane.”
Amy was taken to the hotel to wait for a lift to the airport but the driver never arrived.
Three hours later – almost breakfast time – she bumped into McFadden in the hotel.

He was terrified other guests would hear them talking and
rang the airport and booked tickets for Amy to fly to Man-chester. She says: “He continued to beg me not to say anything. I was crying again. I just wanted to see my kids.”
As soon as she landed in Manchester her mobile phone rang. It was the agent who had organised her trip to Ireland.
He told her: “You are in so much trouble. They are furious with you. ”
Amy says: “I couldn’t believe it – I hadn’t done anything wrong.”
That night Amy had to fend off questions from her thrilled eight-year-old daughter about what Westlife were like.
Amy says: “I couldn’t tell her that my weekend with them turned into a nightmare.”
And two weeks later Amy was sitting in the London office
of a top showbiz agent signing away any rights to talk about
the sordid encounter. The contract read in part: “You possess information pertaining to the activities and conduct of Bryan McFadden. “In consideration of the pay-
ment by Westlife to you of the sum of £15,000 you agree not
to disclose or permit or allow to be disclosed on your behalf the Confidential Information.” But Amy HAS courageously
agreed to speak out to expose McFadden’s hypocrisy.

She says: “I feel sorry for his wife Kerry. I would want to
know if the father of my child was sleeping around. “I still feel used and very angry. I hope women are wary
of him after reading my story, ”


You possess information pe and conduct of Bz McF group professionally know
to the activities and the popular mugic as Westlife.
In consideration of the payment by Westlife to you
of the suan of n thousand pounds (@16,000) you
not to disclose or pe 't or allow to be disclosed
on your behalf the Confidential infor tion.


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